Sunday June 19, 2005

Timecode feature live NIN.

Timecode Entertainment have released a Quicktime movie on their site beneath the "Reel 2005" section. It features two very quick clips of NIN performing live which in itself is a rather small piece of NIN news and ordinarily wouldn't make the front page of this site. However, it's is beautifully directed and is accompanied by some absolutely fantastic acoustic music (part of a song called Tannhauser by Refused), and is therefore worth watching by every man and woman in existence.

If you're on Linux (like myself) or just aren't able to watch it via the embedded media feature, here's a Rapidshare download.

A great thank you to Soundgarden for passing on the news and setting up the Rapidshare download. And again to Martyn and Niklas for letting us know what the music is.