Friday June 17, 2005

The official Nine Inch Nails fan club.

We got a link to The Spiral from Casey, where "all spiral members can expect to receive access to advance tickets, access to exclusive merchandise, concert web casts, exclusive access to message boards, chat rooms for fan club members only [this will include direct contact with the band]."

Standard Membership...
annual fee**: ($30 within united states / $35 outside united states):

welcome package (membership card with personal id and artwork/lyrics/credits poster of with teeth)

access to purchase tickets in advance of public on-sales*

concert web casts

live web chats with the band

access to official member/nin band (only) message boards and chat rooms

premium membership...

annual fee**: ($60 within united states / $65 outside united states):

all benefits of the standard membership PLUS:

one nine inch nails t-shirt (exclusive to premium members).

personal nine inch nails email address (several nin related domains to choose from)

access to designated spiral member venue entrances on days of show. this entrance will be for premium spiral members only and will open in advance of doors to the public.

So there you go.