Wednesday June 15, 2005

EQ Magazine interviews Atticus Ross.

"Most of the recording of the synths for With Teeth was done using an Avalon pre-amp, the Focusrite Liquid Channel, an SSL pre-amp or a Neve, going through a Lavry 2-channel A-to-D converter into Pro Tools HD.

For some of the tracks on With Teeth, Reznor played a Moog Voyager through a Fuzz Factory or a few other radical distortion guitar pedals. “And as he was playing, he’d be screwing with the guitar pedals,” says Ross. “We’d record for a while and Trent would usually stumble into something that sounded pretty unique.” Since the whole record was performance-based, this worked well with the theme."

In the latest issue of EQ Magazine, Steph Jorgl (of audiohead.net and shacklegrind) interviews Atticus Ross about the technical side of With Teeth.

Thanks go to 00101010 of Echoing the Sound.

*UPDATE* - Hi-res scan behind the thumbnail.