Wednesday June 22, 2005

There is no Only, there is only Romanek

While we still don't have a solid release date for the Only video, over at Director's Label you can read about an upcoming DVD release featuring Mark Romanek's work. The DVD is reported to include both The Perfect Drug and the director's cut of Closer. Further, there is a documentary which is supposed to include Mr. Reznor, and commentary on the videos (at least from Romanek). If you don't have Flash, here's a direct link to the features.

A box set including Jonathan Glazer (Virtual Insanity, Rabbit in your Headlights), Anton Corbijn (Depeche Mode), Stephane Sednaoui (not much good), and Romanek will be released on September 13th for 55 bucks or so, and the individual DVDs will be roughly 18 bucks. Check amazon or your favorite retailer for prices.

All in all, a pretty cool release if you're a fan of Mark Romanek's videos. Thanks to zUNDER for tipping us off.