Sunday June 5, 2005

Dave Navarro is a dirty blogger

From Dave Navarro's blog comes a Reznor heavy Q&A. Here's the more meaty question:
Fan: Over on the Foos' board, some people have been critical of them playing the show (MTV Movie Awards), saying they should have Trent's back (especially since Dave played drums on most of their new record) and not play for MTV since they wouldn't allow Trent to express himself the way he wanted.

DN: Look. You know I love NIN and Trent, but I really think he is a big boy and can fight his own battles. I totally support his right to do what he wants and express himself in any way he wants. (Thank God he does, his means of expression have certainly brought a lot into my life as a fan and listener.) For me, if the Foos want to play the show, it's all good. I'd like to see them. Frankly, I would have rather seen NIN, but since that is out of the question, Dave and the boys will be just fine. I love them both. Just my opinion, I doubt I'll even be able to catch the show at all.

There is another, well, meaty question if you follow the link. Thanks to Rat for passing this along.