Thursday June 2, 2005

SickAmongthePure :: June.2005

Offering up a vegetarian alternative to Meat, SickAmongthePure is now live with the June issue.

Continuing with our mandate to deliver the best Industrial and EBM content out there, we feature an exclusive new interview with the very talented Diary of Dreams. We also feature new interviews with Das Ich and more, and a whole slew of political think pieces to exercise your brain.

But we certainly haven't forsaken our roots. The June issue features a live review of Nine Inch Nails in Philadelphia, our review of With Teeth, as well as full reviews of all of Nine Inch Nails' core releases. And that's just a drop in the bucket of the 48 total new music reviews we throw down.

So after laughing your ass off to the dubious wit of Meathead, drop by SickAmongthePure for your monthly fix.