Thursday, 1/31/13

Video for HTDA "How Long?" debuts, LP details emerge


NPR summarizes the news pretty well with Robin Hilton's article, "Trent Reznor: New Band, New Song, New Video, Still Terrifying" - they spoke (emailed) with both the band and the team behind the video. Not to be outdone, Pitchfork dropped knowledge about the full-length debut, including a tracklist for the album. "The vinyl version contains two extra tracks, which are also included on a white label CD that comes with the LP." Pitchfork also has the cover artwork for the vinyl, which will be different from the CD artwork and the downloadable album's artwork.

The song "How Long?" is also available on iTunes (US) as of this morning.
Tuesday, 1/29/13

Shynola directs the next How to destroy angels_ video

ShynolaOn Tuesday, Trent Reznor announced that "we have a new video for a new song dropping this Thursday" - and followed up saying "I finally got to work with SHYNOLA films." The video was picked up from Shynola's office earlier this month, and hits the net later this week.

You might not immediately recognize the name Shynola, but chances are pretty good you've seen videos they've produced - I was first introduced to their work when they directed the video for Radiohead's Pyramid Song, the first single off Amnesiac. Their name came up again a few years later as directors for the fantastic video for Queens of the Stone Age's second single from Songs for the Deaf, Go With the Flow. Looking over their wiki page, and with Shynola tweeting "That took a while" and "I spent my latter teenage years making animations in my bedroom whilst listening to Trent, so finally the seed sprouted", it's pretty apparent we're in for a visual treat tomorrow.
Thursday, 1/24/13

Coachella Lineup announced: HTDA on Friday(s)

A few minutes ago, the official Coachella twitter account uploaded this image showing the lineup for the festival, which will run for two weekends, repeating the entire set in the event that you can't make one or the other weekends. And on Friday, How To Destroy Angels is on the roster.
Thursday, 1/24/13

HTDA debut LP drops March 5

Welcome oblivionThe first full-length album by How to destroy angels_, titled Welcome oblivion is going to be released March 5th. Amazon, as expected, is taking pre-orders for CD and vinyl, and of course on the day of the release, downloadable versions will be made available as well. Lossless downloads will only be available from the official store.

This announcement was made simultaneously with the release of the video for The loop closes, which can be seen on the still-growing Be sure and check out their instagram page as well, as there's some stuff there that doesn't get posted anywhere else. Except maybe sometimes on

All signs seem to point to some form of tour for HTDA this year, with a pretty sick stage setup. Maybe I'll even come out of hiding and see you at a show. Dear How to destroy angels_, please play at Union Transfer in Philadelphia, so I don't even need a car to see the show. Thank you, and goodnight.

TR to appear on Sound City soundtrack

Sound City, Here We ComeDave Grohl continues to live the dream, or at least, another dream - this one has him directing a documentary about a studio in Los Angeles where, for decades, incredible music (oh sure, and probably a lot of shit) was recorded. The film is called Sound City and it's shaping up to be a very interesting music documentary. Of course Trent Reznor appears in it, but a lot of people appear in it. Not as many people, however, are part of the companion soundtrack, "Real to Reel." Before I post those preorder links that you already know are coming, I'll explain why they might be of interest to you.

The final track on this album is a piece recorded by Dave Grohl, Josh Homme, and Trent Reznor, and it's called Mantra. You can see them performing it in the photo attached to this update. You can even catch a glimpse of Trent on keys in one of the trailers for the film. So which will it be, CD, or vinyl? I pre-ordered the film, myself. Oh man, one more update and I can go to sleep.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and the guys with Grammy nominations

FIST FUCKTRENT REZNOR RECEIVES GRAMMY NOMINATION, NONE FOR SMASHING PUMPKINS AND SOUNDGARDEN reads the headline from GRUNGE REPORT, a website with a name that's almost worse than ours! What they failed to mention was that Rob Sheridan was also nominated for his work on the soundtrack, specifically for the packaging. The 55th Annual Grammy Awards will be held on February 10, 2013, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The show will be broadcast on CBS at 8 p.m. ET. You don't care because you'll find out who won on Twitter.

Trent Reznor did all these interviews and we didn't even tell you

"I am Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and How to destroy angels. AMA". A string of words so many redditors had hoped for, for so long. Some takeaways:
Aside from destroy angel's new EP, what's next for you? A number of things. Tweaking some things for the HTDA full LP (coming in Spring), helping Josh out on a new QOTSA track, working with Roy, starting rehearsals for two bands.
Blah blah blah Fragile Reissue blah blah? The 5.1 mixes are done and sound amazing. Alan was the only person who could have possibly done it, and he did not disappoint. There are a couple other elements involved that we want to get right before we put this into production. These involve packaging and additional content. Patience, my friends.

I don't think I quoted the second question exactly, but you get the point. Dig into the thread for yourself, and catch up on what he said.

If you'd like something a little more formal, Trent spoke with The Quietus back in December. I keep stumbling across good stuff at that site, and this is no exception. Ned Raggett speaks with Trent about exploring new avenues and the challenges of creativity.

What's that? The Quietus not good enough? Alright, pull out all the stops - The New Yorker profiled Trent a week later, and it's worth the read. You can get access to the full article from the New Yorker for $6 (I know, so painful, spending that cheddar), or you can read it for free at your local library, or if you want the birds-eye-view, Morad at Antiquiet summarizes the plot.

Actually, so does Pitchfork, and they write a much more attention grabbing headline: Nine Inch Nails Best-Of Due With New Songs, Reznor Working on Streaming Service With Beats by Dre. What I just did here is the opposite of that, it's called burying the lede. Thanks for reading!

The Soft Moon and Deadmau5 canoodle with HTDA and make awesome music-babies

When posting stories on the Hotline, I try to remain neutral-to-positive when it comes to endorsements that might sneak into what I try to keep as fairly straight news posts. This particular post falls in the 'positive' portion of that spectrum, because I like what The Soft Moon did to Ice Age, and I really really really like what Deadmau5 did to Ice Age. Mr. Zimmerman tried to slip a remix of survivalism under the radar 6 months ago (along with an instrumental version), and while I have a pretty bad bias against fan remixes that introduce new piano parts into the fold, suffice it to say I very much look forward to any further collaboration between Mr. Mau5 and the NullCorp camp.

Hey, remember when using the words "Free MP3 downloads" was the thing to do to try and get attention? It's interesting that they're just the norm now.

Mythical NIN remixes by Coil surface

In an unexpected but most excellent surprise, CD quality versions of a host of unreleased Coil remixes of Nine Inch Nails songs found their way onto the internet after nearly twenty years of hibernating on DAT cassettes. There's an article at The Unheard Music giving you the breakdown (and a mediafire link), I'll see if I can sum it up better:


If the MP3s at Unheard Music don't suit your audiophile tastes, seek yer plunder on the bay and ye shall find FLACs. There's over 40 minutes of music, but the Gave Up remixes should be listened to understanding that they are snapshots recorded during the evolution of the track that would be used in the danceclub scene in Young Americans.

In related news, Danny Hyde is releasing "Moon's Milk in Final Phase" on 180gm vinyl - it's the last thing that he and Peter Christopherson of Coil worked on before Pete's untimely passing. It's a limited run of 500 copies, so get while the getting's good. If you've ever tried to source Coil-related vinyl after it's sold out, you'll be happy to get in on this before it's gone.

Broken City Soundtrack by the Bros. Ross + Claudia Sarne out now

Broken City SoundtrackWhile you weren't looking, Allen Hughes directed a movie called Broken City, and he was clearly pretty happy with the soundtrack for his film The Book of Eli, because he brought on Atticus Ross, Claudia Sarne, and Leopold Ross to do the soundtrack for Broken City. The score was released January 15th, and is available on Amazon and on iTunes.

A couple of the tracks also feature Kirk Hellie, who's previously worked with Atticus & Claudia on the unreleased 12 Rounds album, which totally exists, because has MP3 downloads of three tracks from the album, and c'mon guys release it already because it sounds awesome.

Atticus created an Rdio playlist of songs that inspired the soundtrack, which you can read about and listen to at Indiewire. The playlist includes a few tracks from the new score, if you'd like to try before you buy.

March of the Reznors

Reznor Oxford Shoe. Yup.Are your military-style jumper boots worse for wear? Do you dream of ditching your Doc Martens? Maybe you're in the market for some trendy urban oxford shoes - but are still holding on, if just by a thread, to that industrial thing you were so into in your youth? Well, Caterpillar's got the shoe for you! It's called the Reznor.

For posterity's sake, I'll just paste in the copy from Amazon's listing for this shoe. Which one of you is responsible for this? I'm pretty sure whoever named these shoes has read the NIN Hotline. You folks are getting to be just about the right age where you're given sway in decisions like this.

Caterpillar Reznor Oxfords. Trailblazing style and comfort for the modern - day adventurer! Urban explorer intelligence, street smart attitude, and "yellow iron" CAT durability come together, with comfortable and stylish results. Made from pull-up leather / suede or 100% pull-up leather (depending on color); High-traction molded rubber outsole; Strobel construction makes for a light and flexible fit and feel; Moisture-wicking nylon mesh lining; Removable EVA insole and molded EVA midsole offer comfort and support. Each approx. 20 ozs.

If you're looking for something a little more feminine, don't worry ladies - Paris Hilton's got the shoe for you - the Paris Hilton Reznor Heel (close your eyes, imagine you are in hell, and say out loud, Paris Hilton-Reznor)

Catch his eye in these adventurous heels from Paris Hilton. Reznor is a heel in brown and gold featuring a comfortable slingback style, a 5 inch heel, and a 1 inch platform. Unique twisted straps cover the top of the foot from ankle to toe for a sophisticated two-tone look.

Okay, let's get to the music already.

Echoing the Sound turns 1 year old again

Way back in 2011, a server somewhere in Florida started making terrible noises, and a NIN community fostered during the drought between AATCHB and With Teeth went silent. Having moved The NIN Hotline onto a virtual private server some time before that, I asked for permission to point to my cloud machine and start fresh with new software. The board officially launched on December 1st, 2011 - just in time for the announcement of the soundtrack for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

It was a bit of a rough start, with our fair share of outages, but by it's first birthday, the Echoing the Sound community counted over 2,000 registered members among its ranks, and is in the best shape I think it's ever been.

I know, there's been a lot of news since the last update here. I'm going to get as much of it online as I can tonight. Maybe I'll stretch some of it out for tomorrow. Enough blathering: Commence news dump!