Wednesday January 23, 2013

The Soft Moon and Deadmau5 canoodle with HTDA and make awesome music-babies

When posting stories on the Hotline, I try to remain neutral-to-positive when it comes to endorsements that might sneak into what I try to keep as fairly straight news posts. This particular post falls in the 'positive' portion of that spectrum, because I like what The Soft Moon did to Ice Age, and I really really really like what Deadmau5 did to Ice Age. Mr. Zimmerman tried to slip a remix of survivalism under the radar 6 months ago (along with an instrumental version), and while I have a pretty bad bias against fan remixes that introduce new piano parts into the fold, suffice it to say I very much look forward to any further collaboration between Mr. Mau5 and the NullCorp camp.

Hey, remember when using the words "Free MP3 downloads" was the thing to do to try and get attention? It's interesting that they're just the norm now.