Wednesday January 23, 2013

TR to appear on Sound City soundtrack

Sound City, Here We ComeDave Grohl continues to live the dream, or at least, another dream - this one has him directing a documentary about a studio in Los Angeles where, for decades, incredible music (oh sure, and probably a lot of shit) was recorded. The film is called Sound City and it's shaping up to be a very interesting music documentary. Of course Trent Reznor appears in it, but a lot of people appear in it. Not as many people, however, are part of the companion soundtrack, "Real to Reel." Before I post those preorder links that you already know are coming, I'll explain why they might be of interest to you.

The final track on this album is a piece recorded by Dave Grohl, Josh Homme, and Trent Reznor, and it's called Mantra. You can see them performing it in the photo attached to this update. You can even catch a glimpse of Trent on keys in one of the trailers for the film. So which will it be, CD, or vinyl? I pre-ordered the film, myself. Oh man, one more update and I can go to sleep.