Wednesday January 23, 2013

March of the Reznors

Reznor Oxford Shoe. Yup.Are your military-style jumper boots worse for wear? Do you dream of ditching your Doc Martens? Maybe you're in the market for some trendy urban oxford shoes - but are still holding on, if just by a thread, to that industrial thing you were so into in your youth? Well, Caterpillar's got the shoe for you! It's called the Reznor.

For posterity's sake, I'll just paste in the copy from Amazon's listing for this shoe. Which one of you is responsible for this? I'm pretty sure whoever named these shoes has read the NIN Hotline. You folks are getting to be just about the right age where you're given sway in decisions like this.

Caterpillar Reznor Oxfords. Trailblazing style and comfort for the modern - day adventurer! Urban explorer intelligence, street smart attitude, and "yellow iron" CAT durability come together, with comfortable and stylish results. Made from pull-up leather / suede or 100% pull-up leather (depending on color); High-traction molded rubber outsole; Strobel construction makes for a light and flexible fit and feel; Moisture-wicking nylon mesh lining; Removable EVA insole and molded EVA midsole offer comfort and support. Each approx. 20 ozs.

If you're looking for something a little more feminine, don't worry ladies - Paris Hilton's got the shoe for you - the Paris Hilton Reznor Heel (close your eyes, imagine you are in hell, and say out loud, Paris Hilton-Reznor)

Catch his eye in these adventurous heels from Paris Hilton. Reznor is a heel in brown and gold featuring a comfortable slingback style, a 5 inch heel, and a 1 inch platform. Unique twisted straps cover the top of the foot from ankle to toe for a sophisticated two-tone look.

Okay, let's get to the music already.