Tuesday January 29, 2013

Shynola directs the next How to destroy angels_ video

ShynolaOn Tuesday, Trent Reznor announced that "we have a new video for a new song dropping this Thursday" - and followed up saying "I finally got to work with SHYNOLA films." The video was picked up from Shynola's office earlier this month, and hits the net later this week.

You might not immediately recognize the name Shynola, but chances are pretty good you've seen videos they've produced - I was first introduced to their work when they directed the video for Radiohead's Pyramid Song, the first single off Amnesiac. Their name came up again a few years later as directors for the fantastic video for Queens of the Stone Age's second single from Songs for the Deaf, Go With the Flow. Looking over their wiki page, and with Shynola tweeting "That took a while" and "I spent my latter teenage years making animations in my bedroom whilst listening to Trent, so finally the seed sprouted", it's pretty apparent we're in for a visual treat tomorrow.