Thursday October 4, 2012

HTDA digital single announced on Amazon

On Tuesday, the first single from "An Omen" will be available as a download - Keep It Together has a run time of 4:29, and features the artwork posted to the How To Destroy Angels tumblr three days ago. The genre on the page is "Dance & DJ".

I'm only really mentioning the genre as an segue for this clip of The Young Americans that I came across today. It's actually from YouTube's Video on Demand service, posted by Lionsgate films. Someone at Lionsgate is clearly a NIN fan, given that they have the entire film to choose a clip from, and they pick the scene that happens to have an unreleased version of the Fixed remix of Gave Up done by Coil & Danny Hyde, and not much else going on.

Now go load up Fixed into your music player, because when's the last time you listened to Fixed?