Thursday, 9/24/09

Trent Reznor + Rob Sheridan Like Video Games

And they decided to talk to Joystiq about them. Head to this link from Rob's Twitter to see them talking about them. I'm at work so I haven't been able to check if the videos are embedable; if they are, I'll add them into this update when I get home.

Yeah, it isn't all that newsworthy, but it's better than nothing right now. Yay video games!

Edit: Yep, no video. Just text. Still a pretty good read. Here's a direct link.

"Wave Goodbye" Swag Link is Complete!

With the close of the "Wave Goodbye" leg of the tour I put out a call and asked for scans of tickets, wristbands, venue specific shirts and passes. The NIN Community answered the call in force! To all who contributed images and scans.. the link could not have been done without all of you! You have my sincere Thanks!

So without further delay.. Take a trip down memory lane and check out the NIN "Wave Goodbye" section of goodies here
Wednesday, 9/23/09

Trent Reznor + Gary Numan = Awesome Music Explosion

acidpolly post this on ETS and the news is too good not to share. From The Quietus -
Post punk pop polymath Gary Numan has told The Quietus that he and former Nine Inch Nails mainman Trent Reznor are likely to be heading into the studio to write some material together.

Asked if a recorded collaboration was on the cards, Numan said "Yes. I know he wants to carry on doing music things. We went out a few days after [the LA gigs] with a few other people and the way he puts it is when the dust settles – I think he means his marriage – but I think he’s going to be pretty busy for a while, so it’ll either be later this year or early next."
Heh, the writer totally messed it up with the "former Nine Inch Nails mainman" part, but otherwise, good info here.
Monday, 9/21/09

The Fragile was released ten years ago today

The FragileAnd it hasn't gone unnoticed! #thefragile was a trending topic for several hours today on Twitter, with hundreds of people sharing their memories of where they were when they first listened to the immense double-album, The Fragile. How many copies of the Fragile do you have, and in how many formats?

I quickly put together a script that pulls all the articles and interviews in our archive from 1998 through 2000, leading into and following the release of the album, all of which you can read through here.

Earlier today, we linked to this collection of fan-compiled DVDs which includes TV and promotional footage from and relating to The Fragile and the Fragility tour. However, it seems that effort will be one-upped, as over on nine inch nails' twitter, Trent posted this just now:

"10 years ago for #thefragile - wow. Thinking a lot about that time today. And... we've begun work on the ULTIMATE reissue coming 2010. #thefragile"

If there were a pre-order up now, I'm pretty sure even not knowing what would be on there, I'd have already placed my order by now. Given the struggle to release and promote The Fragile the first time around, and the immense amount of art an documentation made during that time, and Trent's commitment to high-quality reissues, I'm excited to read that something's in the works.
The Fragile
Saturday, 9/12/09

Pink is the New Blog - the Wave Goodbye Interview

Further to Lt Randazzo's post below, PITNB have just released an interivew with Trent Reznor, filmed shortly before Thursday's Wiltern Theatre show. Find out what is planned for Nine Inch Nails in the future, and what the most memorable touring experiences have been over the last 20 years.

Friday, 9/11/09

And in the end, the love you take...

#NINLast night, in front of a few thousand diehard fans at the Wiltern Theatre in LA, Nine Inch Nails wrapped up their final live show in grand fashion by playing through a blistering 37 song setlist that lasted over three hours. Guests at the show included Mike Garson on the piano, Gary Numan, Atticus Ross, Dave Navarro and The Dillinger Escape Plan. On Twitter, #NIN became the number one trending topic during the evening as thousands, if not almost millions of fans across the world shared their favorite NIN moments over the last 20 years. It was truly a great night to be a NIN fan.

If you were at the show, ETS's tour journal entry is still wide open and could use all of the memories from those in attendance. Head here and remember, you don't have to be a member of the board to post in the journal. If you weren't at the show, has an article/review of the show along with a few pictures.

Now, the future. There have been various articles around the internet (and hopefully they've all been entered into our archives) where Trent has stated that although he is done touring, this does not mean that he is done making music. If there's a moment in history that this mirrors, it would be The Beatles making the decision to stop playing live. Although the Fab Four finished touring after Revolver was released, they still went on to record classic albums like Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Beatles and Abbey Road among others along with each member expanding and furthering their solo careers.

What am I getting at here? There's still a lot of story to be told in the great big, epic book of Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails. We'll keep everyone updated on what's going to happen next as soon as the news breaks. It's still a great time to be a NIN fan!

Thursday, 9/10/09

Aaron North is having an equipment sale (NIN Gear)

Former NIN guitarist and current Jubilee frontman, Aaron North, is having an equipment sale and is selling many of the instruments he played live on stage with Nine Inch Nails from 2005-2007. From Jubilee's MySpace blog -
For those of you elsewhere that might be interested, you can contact the store directly for more details, and they can even arrange things such as shipping. And yes… ALL of this stuff was actually used and played on stage with NIN. I suppose the best point of reference I could use for this equipment would be the “Beside You In Time” DVD? So I’ll try my best here to figure out what was used on which song er whatever. Be warned though… If you’re looking for pristine, brand new musical gear, then this stuff isn’t for you. The bloodstains, loogies, dents, and scratches are all over these things. BUT… It’s all in 100% perfect working condition. I'm a half-wit when it comes to the "inter-nerd" stuff, so I haven't figured out how to post pictures of this stuff in here yet... But that should be fixed inna day er 2?
Head to Future Music for all of the specifics with the equipment.

Thanks go out to @futant7 for giving us the head's up on our Twitter account.
Wednesday, 9/09/09

NIN Blitzkriegs the Henry Fonda Theater with Amazing Setlist and Guest Stars

At last night's rescheduled Wave Goodbye performance at the Henry Fonda Theater in Los Angeles, NIN put on a truly epic show featuring a number of surprise guest artists, reportedly including Gary Numan (people -- for the love of god -- his last name is spelled Numan, not Neuman or Newman), Mike Garson (who played piano for David Bowie and on The Fragile), Eric Avery of Jane's Addiction, Greg Puciato from Dillinger Escape Plan, opening act Health (joining NIN, Numan, and Avery for a cover of Gang of Four's Anthrax, "one of the most unique and interesting songs of its time"), and none other than prodigal son Danny Lohner. The historic event is being discussed here, there and everywhere. Look hard enough and you might find audio. To say the least, surely the show was more than enough to appease even the most disgruntled concertgoer affected by the rescheduling.

Thanks to charles lee for writing in and to everyone else for posting about it online. This is a great, although maybe bittersweet, time to be a NIN fan.

Buy excessive shirts + posters on eBay for outrageous resale, get fucked

We got a lot of email and tweets about an obnoxious dude who bought up 20-30 shirts at the Echoplex NIN show, and quickly listed them on Ebay for nearly $200 a pop. Apparently, the guy thought he wasn't being enough of a dick, so he went on to NIN forums and proudly proclaimed that he'd be doing the same thing for the rest of the shows.

Well, we got reports last night that not only were there limits imposed on merch sales per person (which probably should have happened earlier, but better late than never), but doucheface's tickets got canceled, and he had to wait in the car for the whole show. Hope it was worth it, scumbag!
Monday, 9/07/09

Seeking Pics of Venue Specific Shirts and Pins

Ok with the deck shuffle of the last 3 shows, I know lots of folks are scrambling to even be able to get to the 3 shows in LA that got affected by the shuffle.. and probably not thinking of memorabilia at this point. But here is one last favor to ask if I may.

Trying to get nice pictures of ALL of the Venue Specific shirts. Tried to pull some off of Ebay, but they are looking pretty half-assed. If anyone can get a nice straight picture of their venue specific shirt for me I'd be grateful.

Trying to get:
1. A nice FULL FRONT picture of the shirt with the NIN logo
2. And a CLOSE-UP of the back text of the Date and Venue Information.

I scanned my 8-29-09 shirt, but it was kind of a pain. If anyone goes to that much trouble, I'd have more thanks for them then I could say in words. I'd like to get a nice gallery of all the shirts from each night to go in a special section on the NIN Historian site.

Also apparently their is a venue specific pin for the Palladium show, need a nice scan of this and any other venues that offer them. I did not see these for offer in Chicago.

BIG Thanks already to the 11 people who already sent Ticket and Wristband Scans for the Wave Goodbye Leg- You know who you are!!
Sunday, 9/06/09

Brand new Meathead Perspective update!

After a lengthy hiatus, the Meathead Perspective has finally been updated! Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I think it's my best one yet. Shit yeah! Check it out!
Friday, 9/04/09

Regarding the rescheduled shows...

Just a quick note for anyone/everyone who's complaining about the rescheduling of the LA shows... do you really want to be like Hitler?

Thanks to everyone who sent in the video.



** The Wiltern show scheduled for Saturday Sept 5th is now happening on Thursday Sept 10th - this is now the final show **

Hello all-

Sorry about the hassles with the show not happening last night and tomorrow's rescheduling. If it would have been possible to pull these off, I would have. Anyway, here's the new plan. I appreciate your patience and understanding - we're attempting to make sure that everyone has the best experience possible and we're at full power.


9/6 Echoplex (unchanged)

9/8 Henry Fonda (rescheduled date)

9/10 The Wiltern (rescheduled date)

Once again, sorry for any inconvenience. Full refunds are available for those unable to switch things around. For refunds, please contact


Seeking Ticket and Wristband SCANS Wave Goodbye

UPDATE: Thanks to all thus far who have sent scans. I currently need:
8/26/09 Terminal 5 Ticket Scan
8/25/09 Terminal 5 Wristband Scan
9/6/09 Echoplex Both
9/8/09 Henry Fonda Both (when they take place)
9/10/09 Wiltern Both (when they take place)

NIN Historian is seeking High Quality SCANS of your "Wave Goodbye" Tickets and Wristbands. Pictures tend not to be nice and flat for posting to the web, but if you are able to send SCANS I will blank out your name if desired on your ticket and give you credit on the site for your effort:

What I'm seeking their is an Example is here:

Always looking for the same High Quality Scans of ANY ticket, or Pass you may have for documentation purposes if their isn't one on the site.

Email scans to

*EDIT* Coming Home from work I have 10 Emails with Scans- WOW, Thank you all. Keep em coming! I am most appreciative!
Thursday, 9/03/09

TDS played again last night + No show tonight at Henry Fonda

The good news: NIN played The Downward Spiral in its entirety again last night at the Hollywood Palladium, this time with the cameras rolling. There still hasn't been any word on what the band is planning to do with the footage from these final shows, but after doing some math, there's a 99.9% chance that it's going to be something really cool.

Now the bad news. From -
We're very sorry to announce that Trent is ill, and on his doctor's orders we will not be able to perform tonight's show at the Henry Fonda Theater. This is the only information we have at this time, we're posting this early announcement as a convenience for those of you who had plans to attend. Reimbursement details will be posted as soon as we figure them out; likely within the next 24 hours. We wish this wasn't necessary and we're very sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.
We'll edit this post with the reimbursement details once they become available.
Wednesday, 9/02/09

Seeking footage from Webster Hall for The Downward Spiral: Live video

In light of the lack of officially shot footage from the intense show that was performed in New York's Webster Hall - where Nine Inch Nails played The Downward Spiral from start to finish - we're working with folks from a couple other sites to compile a multi-angle video compilation of The Downward Spiral: Live. We've been in contact with several people who are graciously providing footage they've shot, but if you've not been contacted yet, and have either audio or video (the more sources, the merrier) - please reach out to Ash via email for info on how & where to send your audio or video for inclusion into this project.

Please only contact Ash if you have content to submit. We will keep you posted on our progress once the compilation is done. Until then, tuck the thought away in the back of your mind.