Thursday September 10, 2009

Aaron North is having an equipment sale (NIN Gear)

Former NIN guitarist and current Jubilee frontman, Aaron North, is having an equipment sale and is selling many of the instruments he played live on stage with Nine Inch Nails from 2005-2007. From Jubilee's MySpace blog -
For those of you elsewhere that might be interested, you can contact the store directly for more details, and they can even arrange things such as shipping. And yes… ALL of this stuff was actually used and played on stage with NIN. I suppose the best point of reference I could use for this equipment would be the “Beside You In Time” DVD? So I’ll try my best here to figure out what was used on which song er whatever. Be warned though… If you’re looking for pristine, brand new musical gear, then this stuff isn’t for you. The bloodstains, loogies, dents, and scratches are all over these things. BUT… It’s all in 100% perfect working condition. I'm a half-wit when it comes to the "inter-nerd" stuff, so I haven't figured out how to post pictures of this stuff in here yet... But that should be fixed inna day er 2?
Head to Future Music for all of the specifics with the equipment.

Thanks go out to @futant7 for giving us the head's up on our Twitter account.