Friday September 4, 2009

Seeking Ticket and Wristband SCANS Wave Goodbye

UPDATE: Thanks to all thus far who have sent scans. I currently need:
8/26/09 Terminal 5 Ticket Scan
8/25/09 Terminal 5 Wristband Scan
9/6/09 Echoplex Both
9/8/09 Henry Fonda Both (when they take place)
9/10/09 Wiltern Both (when they take place)

NIN Historian is seeking High Quality SCANS of your "Wave Goodbye" Tickets and Wristbands. Pictures tend not to be nice and flat for posting to the web, but if you are able to send SCANS I will blank out your name if desired on your ticket and give you credit on the site for your effort:

What I'm seeking their is an Example is here: http://www.theninhotline.net/nin_historian/8-29-09-Chicago-IL.html

Always looking for the same High Quality Scans of ANY ticket, or Pass you may have for documentation purposes if their isn't one on the site.

Email scans to nin.historian@gmail.com

*EDIT* Coming Home from work I have 10 Emails with Scans- WOW, Thank you all. Keep em coming! I am most appreciative!