Monday September 7, 2009

Seeking Pics of Venue Specific Shirts and Pins

Ok with the deck shuffle of the last 3 shows, I know lots of folks are scrambling to even be able to get to the 3 shows in LA that got affected by the shuffle.. and probably not thinking of memorabilia at this point. But here is one last favor to ask if I may.

Trying to get nice pictures of ALL of the Venue Specific shirts. Tried to pull some off of Ebay, but they are looking pretty half-assed. If anyone can get a nice straight picture of their venue specific shirt for me I'd be grateful.

Trying to get:
1. A nice FULL FRONT picture of the shirt with the NIN logo
2. And a CLOSE-UP of the back text of the Date and Venue Information.

I scanned my 8-29-09 shirt, but it was kind of a pain. If anyone goes to that much trouble, I'd have more thanks for them then I could say in words. I'd like to get a nice gallery of all the shirts from each night to go in a special section on the NIN Historian site.

Also apparently their is a venue specific pin for the Palladium show, need a nice scan of this and any other venues that offer them. I did not see these for offer in Chicago.

BIG Thanks already to the 11 people who already sent Ticket and Wristband Scans for the Wave Goodbye Leg- You know who you are!!