Wednesday September 2, 2009

Seeking footage from Webster Hall for The Downward Spiral: Live vi

In light of the lack of officially shot footage from the intense show that was performed in New York's Webster Hall - where Nine Inch Nails played The Downward Spiral from start to finish - we're working with folks from a couple other sites to compile a multi-angle video compilation of The Downward Spiral: Live. We've been in contact with several people who are graciously providing footage they've shot, but if you've not been contacted yet, and have either audio or video (the more sources, the merrier) - please reach out to Ash via email for info on how & where to send your audio or video for inclusion into this project.

Please only contact Ash if you have content to submit. We will keep you posted on our progress once the compilation is done. Until then, tuck the thought away in the back of your mind.