released to the US on tuesday, september 21, 1999
released to Japan on thursday, september 23, 1999
released to germany and the UK on monday, september 27, 1999

the vinyl release features extended versions of 'la mer', TDTWWA, and 'pilgrimage', as well as tracks 'the new flesh' and '10 miles high', later included on the halo 15 singles

however, the vinyl edition's final track is simply 'ripe', lacking the '(with decay)' segment included on cassette and CD editions

much of the artwork used in the design of 'the fragile' can be found in david carson's book fotografiks

cassette contains (+appendage) following 'please'

design + photography:
david carson

(+appendage) is a filler, briefly extending 'please'

'the fragile' debuted at #1 on the billboard charts