Thursday September 3, 2009

TDS played again last night + No show tonight at Henry Fonda

The good news: NIN played The Downward Spiral in its entirety again last night at the Hollywood Palladium, this time with the cameras rolling. There still hasn't been any word on what the band is planning to do with the footage from these final shows, but after doing some math, there's a 99.9% chance that it's going to be something really cool.

Now the bad news. From nin.com -

We're very sorry to announce that Trent is ill, and on his doctor's orders we will not be able to perform tonight's show at the Henry Fonda Theater. This is the only information we have at this time, we're posting this early announcement as a convenience for those of you who had plans to attend. Reimbursement details will be posted as soon as we figure them out; likely within the next 24 hours. We wish this wasn't necessary and we're very sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.
We'll edit this post with the reimbursement details once they become available.