Monday September 21, 2009

The Fragile was released ten years ago today

The FragileAnd it hasn't gone unnoticed! #thefragile was a trending topic for several hours today on Twitter, with hundreds of people sharing their memories of where they were when they first listened to the immense double-album, The Fragile. How many copies of the Fragile do you have, and in how many formats?

I quickly put together a script that pulls all the articles and interviews in our archive from 1998 through 2000, leading into and following the release of the album, all of which you can read through here.

Earlier today, we linked to this collection of fan-compiled DVDs which includes TV and promotional footage from and relating to The Fragile and the Fragility tour. However, it seems that effort will be one-upped, as over on nine inch nails' twitter, Trent posted this just now:

"10 years ago for #thefragile - wow. Thinking a lot about that time today. And... we've begun work on the ULTIMATE reissue coming 2010. #thefragile"

If there were a pre-order up now, I'm pretty sure even not knowing what would be on there, I'd have already placed my order by now. Given the struggle to release and promote The Fragile the first time around, and the immense amount of art an documentation made during that time, and Trent's commitment to high-quality reissues, I'm excited to read that something's in the works.
The Fragile