Sunday, 11/30/08

NIN finally return to NZ

According to NIN will be returning to New Zealand for the first time since 2000 for a one off show in Auckland.

The show is on February 17 at Vector Arena in Auckland with tickets going on sale on December 10

Thursday, 11/27/08

Lostprophets are NIN fans (I think)

LostprophetsLostprophets have issued a statement on their MySpace page regarding the departure of drummer Ilan Rubin for NIN. It's time to play "Pick Out All Of The NIN Song Titles!" -

"As some of you may or not know, Ilan our drummer of 3 years is leaving us for a bigger band and a real pay check.

"Jokes aside, I hear you asking did he bite the hand that feeds? What kind of a reptile or demon seed is he? That, my friends, needs to stop right now, i do not want this. Sometimes love is not enough, and after 3 years the line begins to blur. We asked him 'you know what you are?' while he replied if 'only!'. Then went on to tell NIN 'im looking forward to joining you finally' because he is a naughty little piggy. The way out is through times like these, and even though we're in this together we all know Ilan will find happiness in slavery. I know some of you will claim this is heresy, and i will admit i am somewhat damaged, but thats what i get. Yes this does suck but i guess it was his wish.

"I also know some of you thought this was all a terrible lie, so i hate having to be the one giving you all the big come down, but even though we are all a little bit fragile right now, i know our survivalism will get us through and it will all be for the greater good. Ilan has a lot of discipline and i know he will no longer think that every day is exactly the same, this is a god given chance for him. So this puts into motion the beginning of the end for Ilan and Lostprophets. We have all grown closer to him, and know he is not the great destroyer. No matter what he never gave up on our vessel. In this twilight we are letting you know that there is no need to panic or worry. This isnt the start of a downward spiral, we are now even deeper into the new album and will never succumb to the great below. Underneath it all my violent heart still beats a proud and sure rhythm. The warning here is that you never know whats around the corner, and even though you may get hurt, sin or no sin, all you need to do is keep your head down and know that you still have us, and we will continue to give you all the love in the world.

"We wish Ilan good luck with everything, and while the time we have together is getting smaller, we will always look up at the same lights in the sky and know he is right where he belongs."


Thanks to Yves for submitting this. Also, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Here's a video to celebrate! Check it out!
Wednesday, 11/26/08

New NIN shirts available online

Though they've been neglecting our own store, the folks who handle merchandise for Nine Inch Nails have been slowly putting stuff out there in a couple of other places.

Hot Topic, for instance, has an exclusive 'clouds' slim-fit t-shirt, which is kind of nice if you're into black tshirts. (Don't try and kid anyone, you read this site, you have lots of black tshirts).

If you need some desaturated blue or dark gray in your wardrobe, the official merch store has a few new shirts, one from Ghosts, two from The Slip (discipline & head down), although they're different from the shirts that have been (and are) on sale during the Lights in the Sky tour.

Last, but not least (except in price, oh oh!) our pardners at Goodrock let us know that they got some of that ol' Downward Spiral shirt to fill out the page that's otherwise made up of $2 stickers, buttons, rub-ons (mmm) & patches (Entrepreneurs, slap a $2 NIN patch on a $10 work shirt and you can sell it for $50 on eBay! Don't forget to charge $13 for shipping. That shipping charge alone will cover just about any tshirt on Goodrock.) We keep hearing that there may be a new shirt or two they'll send Goodrock, but they keep telling Goodrock that and then not sending those shirts. Hopefully it's not because I'm posting about it like this, whoops!

We'll keep you posted if we hear anything else.


I liked the title so much that I'm not going to even try to change it. Hey kids!'s new and improved photo and video sections have gone live! Here's more from Trent -
Forget Twilight or Chinese Geography or 808s and Consipates or whatever else you may be wasting your time on... we've added some kick-ass new features to that may or may not work properly, so head on in and get busy!
Rob will now explain what we've done:'s new image and video galleries aggregate media from Flickr and YouTube, allowing users to share their NIN photos, videos, artwork, and other content, which can then be organized, rated, and discussed by other fans. Your profile can now display your image and video contributions, as well.

You can browse individual galleries from every show of the 2008 tour, and soon we'll be adding past tours as well. The goal is to have the ultimate database of NIN images and videos right here on, created and organized by the fan community.

The galleries are still in beta, but we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to start using them while we continue to enhance functionality, work out bugs, and add new features. Expect support for favorites, descriptions, comment ratings, view counts, personal galleries, feeds, and more in the coming weeks. Please read the FAQ for gallery rules and guidelines, as well as instructions for adding your media to the site.

Tuesday, 11/25/08

Win a signed copy of The Slip, Montana/Idaho guestlist tickets in Charity auctions

We've been contacted by the Garden Co-op Nursery School about a handful of auctions they're running this week. You can bid on a Ghosts tshirt & a signed copy of the Slip, a pair of tickets to the December 9th, 2008 concert appearance of Nine Inch Nails in Missoula, Montana, and/or two tickets to the December 8th, 2008 concert in Nampa, Idaho.

To borrow liberally from the auctions themselves, with regard to the tickets:
The wining bidder and their guest will have great seating for the show!

While we cannot guarantee the exact location of your seats, at this time, they have been described by band management as "excellent" so rest assured they’ll be great, as you are bidding on tickets that are reserved by the band for their guests.

The tickets are only available for these two dates, and are non-transferable to other shows. The tickets packages are still only $24.99, but as of this posting, the signed copy of The Slip/Ghosts Shirt has jumped up to $217.50.

Anyhow, check 'em out. We don't typically front-page eBay auctions, but there's a good cause behind these auctions. Good luck!

Randazzo's in-depth review of Tap Tap Revenge: NIN

Tap Tap Revenge: Nine Inch Nails edition
Around the time Tap Tap Revenge: Nine Inch Nails edition came out, I bugged Lt. Randazzo about writing up a review of the game, knowing he managed to snag it before I had. I figured that if I tasked him with the penning of the review, this afforded me more time to playing the game myself, in the hopes of winning that sweet, sweet Les Paul - damn you hduncan, with your thousand-ish entries!

Well, he sent me the review a week or two ago, but I was too busy trying to work the controls for that iPhone port of first person shooter Cube, or whining about how cold it was in New York when I was there taking an Omniture training course. Lucky lucky you, I've stepped away from all this 'real life' nonsense and finally added in the screenshots, so it's ready for primetime. You can read Randazzo's full-on review, and see a handful of screenshots here, (a score of 813,025? Madness!)

If you're not down with plunking $4.99 for TTR:NIN, Tapulous released Discipline for free last week (again), if I read their blog post right. I honestly didn't think it was going to rope me in the way it did, but I did put way too many hours in to the game. Hey, until I move back into Philly, I've still got an hour-plus train ride to and from work each day, so I kind of have an excuse.
Friday, 11/21/08

LITS tour teaser and interview with Ilan Rubin

A few updates. If you need more reasons to have a LITS tour DVD to go to a Lights in the Sky show this year, there is a new tour teaser out just for you! Thanks Beta2k for the spotting and to for posting. The Lights in the Sky North American 2008 tour wraps up on December 13th. Check the NIN tour dates for one close to you.

In other Vimeo goodness, there's a video floating around of the Lights in the Sky (song) soundcheck . Very cool. It's a portion of the song, but it's a big portion! Thanks to millionmilesaway for finding that and Cale for uploading and for braving venue security.

And lastly Jennifer from The San Diego Union-Tribune / writes in to let us know they will be interviewing Ilan Rubin, soon-to-be NIN drummer, Monday, Dec. 8, on their online radio station. Listeners can call in with questions. There are some details at the end of the article here.
Saturday, 11/15/08

Meet Ilan Rubin

Trent has announced the new drummer for NIN in 2009 - Ilan Rubin. From -

"With great pride and excitement I announce the addition of Ilan Rubin to the lineup beginning next year. I had the chance to see Ilan playing his ass off at Reading and Leeds a couple summers ago and he blew me away. We recently invited him out to rehearse with us and he blew US away - the perfect guy to pick up the sticks after Josh leaves us at the end of the year.

Stay tuned for some 2009 tour announcements soon."

Here's the Wikipedia page on Ilan. Dude played for Lostprophets. Interesting... And, here's a video of a drum solo from a few months ago.

NIN HISTORIAN'S (23) Itinerary Sell-off!

This is the one you have all been waiting for.
Up for grabs is my ENTIRE Nine Inch Nails Itinerary Collection.

There are TWENTY-THREE (23) ORIGINAL Itineraries that are available-
not even ask.

The Itineraries are every single one shown on this link:

The "SIN TOUR" Itinerary is the only one not in the group for sale as it is a
photocopy from a former crew member and not an original.

Here are the terms:
1. These (if sold) will be sold as one GROUP- I will not break the set.
2. I have spent nearly a decade obtaining them and they are very rare.
3. Minimum offer on the set- is $3,000- If I have more than one offer-
it will go to the highest offer.
4. Shipping: Will be by Insured Priority Mail and will be $25
5. Payment: I will accept Paypal or a Money Order (No Checks)
6. I will scan nothing in them. The covers are all that need to be seen
unless you are the buyer. In all the time I have owned them, I have shared
nothing out of them and hope that it remains this way.
7. Serious offers and Serious buyers are requested.
8. I will be happy to answer any and all questions about condition- but I can
tell you up front that these are the cream of the crop and by far the most
extensive and largest held private collection of NIN Itineraries anywhere in the
world by a non-touring crew member or band member.

Email me at:
Wednesday, 11/12/08

What you've been missing if you're not following us on Twitter

A few weeks (months?) ago, we mentioned that we had started up an account on Twitter. We've been posting stuff there that might not really be front page news, but might be of interest to perhaps more hardcore/OCD readers... some behind the scenes web nerd stuff, or occasionally hinting at news before posting it here.

Last week we gave away a bunch of aftershow passes to quick responders who were attending the House of Blues show in Atlantic City. And for the last couple of weeks, we've been posting a "remix of the day," hand-picked by Lt. Randazzo from piles of music found on

We're still feeling out exactly how we're using this, but check it out, maybe sign up for your own Twitter account. If you don't want to, uh, 'tweet' about your own personal life, impersonate a celebrity before all the good names are taken.

Dispelling Rumours Like Its My Job

Despite numerous reports and submissions via the Hotline "Submit a Lead" link (to my right), via both ETS and forums, and via several Guns N' Roses sites, Robin Finck is not leaving Nine Inch Nails at the end of the tour to rejoin G n' R. This should clear up any rumours that the Finckster will indeed be "pulling a Freese" any time soon.

This has been a daily service announcement from your friendly neighbourhood Swindley.
Tuesday, 11/11/08

Saul Williams: What's Next?

Jenna Wortham from Wired posted an interview she did with Saul Williams about the one-year anniversary of The Inevitable Rise & Liberation of NiggyTardust!. In it, Saul dishes on TR's interest in recording a follow-up to Niggy, the distribution model that was used for the album, and other projects that he's been working on. Check it out here.

Thanks to EVERYONE who sent this in!

Kerrang Readers' Poll 2008

Head over to the Kerrang Readers' Poll and write in Nine Inch Nails for any category you see fit. The results will appear in the December 10th issue of Kerrang. Thanks to sweeterthan and everyone else for submitting.

Enthusiastic journalist eagerly adds excessive amount of adjectives to concert review

We've cut back on reporting about every little newspaper review or preview of a NIN show, but Craig S. Semon's article in the Worcester Telegram is a hoot:

With his voice distorted, distant and devoured in a dissident mix of ghostly guitar squalls, pitter-patter percussion and gurgling synth chords, an urgent, immediate and in-your-face Reznor spat his stinging bile while embodying all our post-911 fears on “Letting You.” The razor-sharp Reznor, one of the most disciplined and consistent rockers when it comes to putting on a full-throttle performance, followed with the industrial-strength, sleazy disco opus, “Discipline.”

And that's just one out of about a dozen paragraphs on the concert. Spoiler alert: "Pitter-patter" makes another appearance further down the page. The gratuitous use of descriptors and an unhealthy penchant for parentheses, however ridiculous, make the write-up a fantastic - if somewhat absurd - read.
Friday, 11/07/08

Nine Inch Nails Documentary on the horizon?

Archaalto wrote in to tell us of this update to the Russell Mills (that's the guy that did the TDS artwork) website:

Nine Inch Nails Documentary film
Mills has been approached to contribute to a documentary film about Nine Inch Nails being made by Angry Penguins Production Company. The Nine Inch Nails project is an independently funded, in-depth retrospective of Trent Reznor's highly influential early work. The producers are hoping to gain a collection of intimate and engaging interviews from producers, engineers, musicians, promoters, photographers - key people involved with NIN during the 90s era. Filming begins in November. Details of a UK DVD release date will be announced when known.


Hopefully this won't follow the trend of really awful UK cd/dvd releases based on the band! Let us know if you come across any more significant information.
Tuesday, 11/04/08



Today is Election Day. GO VOTE.

Well, the big day is finally here. We'd like to remind everyone who reads the site to make sure to find some time today to head out and vote on the many propositions & amendments, plus for who you'd like to see representing you in Congress, possibly who you want as your next governor, and, oh yeah, who you'd like to see as the next President of The United States.

We're not going to tell you how to vote or who to vote for, but please, GO VOTE. Google has a great resource here to find your polling place if you haven't received any info in the mail about where to go vote. Plus, make sure you bring several forms of ID, even if your state (Missouri) doesn't require a picture ID.

So yeah, GO VOTE. Thanks!