Wednesday November 12, 2008

What you've been missing if you're not following us on Twitter

A few weeks (months?) ago, we mentioned that we had started up an account on Twitter. We've been posting stuff there that might not really be front page news, but might be of interest to perhaps more hardcore/OCD readers... some behind the scenes web nerd stuff, or occasionally hinting at news before posting it here.

Last week we gave away a bunch of aftershow passes to quick responders who were attending the House of Blues show in Atlantic City. And for the last couple of weeks, we've been posting a "remix of the day," hand-picked by Lt. Randazzo from piles of music found on

We're still feeling out exactly how we're using this, but check it out, maybe sign up for your own Twitter account. If you don't want to, uh, 'tweet' about your own personal life, impersonate a celebrity before all the good names are taken.