Thursday November 27, 2008

Lostprophets are NIN fans (I think)

LostprophetsLostprophets have issued a statement on their MySpace page regarding the departure of drummer Ilan Rubin for NIN. It's time to play "Pick Out All Of The NIN Song Titles!" -

"As some of you may or not know, Ilan our drummer of 3 years is leaving us for a bigger band and a real pay check.

"Jokes aside, I hear you asking did he bite the hand that feeds? What kind of a reptile or demon seed is he? That, my friends, needs to stop right now, i do not want this. Sometimes love is not enough, and after 3 years the line begins to blur. We asked him 'you know what you are?' while he replied if 'only!'. Then went on to tell NIN 'im looking forward to joining you finally' because he is a naughty little piggy. The way out is through times like these, and even though we're in this together we all know Ilan will find happiness in slavery. I know some of you will claim this is heresy, and i will admit i am somewhat damaged, but thats what i get. Yes this does suck but i guess it was his wish.

"I also know some of you thought this was all a terrible lie, so i hate having to be the one giving you all the big come down, but even though we are all a little bit fragile right now, i know our survivalism will get us through and it will all be for the greater good. Ilan has a lot of discipline and i know he will no longer think that every day is exactly the same, this is a god given chance for him. So this puts into motion the beginning of the end for Ilan and Lostprophets. We have all grown closer to him, and know he is not the great destroyer. No matter what he never gave up on our vessel. In this twilight we are letting you know that there is no need to panic or worry. This isnt the start of a downward spiral, we are now even deeper into the new album and will never succumb to the great below. Underneath it all my violent heart still beats a proud and sure rhythm. The warning here is that you never know whats around the corner, and even though you may get hurt, sin or no sin, all you need to do is keep your head down and know that you still have us, and we will continue to give you all the love in the world.

"We wish Ilan good luck with everything, and while the time we have together is getting smaller, we will always look up at the same lights in the sky and know he is right where he belongs."


Thanks to Yves for submitting this. Also, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Here's a video to celebrate! Check it out!