Wednesday November 26, 2008

New NIN shirts available online

Though they've been neglecting our own store, the folks who handle merchandise for Nine Inch Nails have been slowly putting stuff out there in a couple of other places.

Hot Topic, for instance, has an exclusive 'clouds' slim-fit t-shirt, which is kind of nice if you're into black tshirts. (Don't try and kid anyone, you read this site, you have lots of black tshirts).

If you need some desaturated blue or dark gray in your wardrobe, the official merch store has a few new shirts, one from Ghosts, two from The Slip (discipline & head down), although they're different from the shirts that have been (and are) on sale during the Lights in the Sky tour.

Last, but not least (except in price, oh oh!) our pardners at Goodrock let us know that they got some of that ol' Downward Spiral shirt to fill out the page that's otherwise made up of $2 stickers, buttons, rub-ons (mmm) & patches (Entrepreneurs, slap a $2 NIN patch on a $10 work shirt and you can sell it for $50 on eBay! Don't forget to charge $13 for shipping. That shipping charge alone will cover just about any tshirt on Goodrock.) We keep hearing that there may be a new shirt or two they'll send Goodrock, but they keep telling Goodrock that and then not sending those shirts. Hopefully it's not because I'm posting about it like this, whoops!

We'll keep you posted if we hear anything else.