Friday November 7, 2008

Nine Inch Nails Documentary on the horizon?

Archaalto wrote in to tell us of this update to the Russell Mills (that's the guy that did the TDS artwork) website:

Nine Inch Nails Documentary film
Mills has been approached to contribute to a documentary film about Nine Inch Nails being made by Angry Penguins Production Company. The Nine Inch Nails project is an independently funded, in-depth retrospective of Trent Reznor's highly influential early work. The producers are hoping to gain a collection of intimate and engaging interviews from producers, engineers, musicians, promoters, photographers - key people involved with NIN during the 90s era. Filming begins in November. Details of a UK DVD release date will be announced when known.


Hopefully this won't follow the trend of really awful UK cd/dvd releases based on the band! Let us know if you come across any more significant information.