Tuesday November 25, 2008

Win a signed copy of The Slip, Montana/Idaho guestlist tickets in Charity a

We've been contacted by the Garden Co-op Nursery School about a handful of auctions they're running this week. You can bid on a Ghosts tshirt & a signed copy of the Slip, a pair of tickets to the December 9th, 2008 concert appearance of Nine Inch Nails in Missoula, Montana, and/or two tickets to the December 8th, 2008 concert in Nampa, Idaho.

To borrow liberally from the auctions themselves, with regard to the tickets:

The wining bidder and their guest will have great seating for the show!

While we cannot guarantee the exact location of your seats, at this time, they have been described by band management as "excellent" so rest assured they’ll be great, as you are bidding on tickets that are reserved by the band for their guests.

The tickets are only available for these two dates, and are non-transferable to other shows. The tickets packages are still only $24.99, but as of this posting, the signed copy of The Slip/Ghosts Shirt has jumped up to $217.50.

Anyhow, check 'em out. We don't typically front-page eBay auctions, but there's a good cause behind these auctions. Good luck!