Friday November 21, 2008

LITS tour teaser and interview with Ilan Rubin

A few updates. If you need more reasons to have a LITS tour DVD to go to a Lights in the Sky show this year, there is a new tour teaser out just for you! Thanks Beta2k for the spotting and to for posting. The Lights in the Sky North American 2008 tour wraps up on December 13th. Check the NIN tour dates for one close to you.

In other Vimeo goodness, there's a video floating around of the Lights in the Sky (song) soundcheck . Very cool. It's a portion of the song, but it's a big portion! Thanks to millionmilesaway for finding that and Cale for uploading and for braving venue security.

And lastly Jennifer from The San Diego Union-Tribune / writes in to let us know they will be interviewing Ilan Rubin, soon-to-be NIN drummer, Monday, Dec. 8, on their online radio station. Listeners can call in with questions. There are some details at the end of the article here.