Tuesday November 11, 2008

Enthusiastic journalist eagerly adds excessive amount of adjectives to conc

We've cut back on reporting about every little newspaper review or preview of a NIN show, but Craig S. Semon's article in the Worcester Telegram is a hoot:

With his voice distorted, distant and devoured in a dissident mix of ghostly guitar squalls, pitter-patter percussion and gurgling synth chords, an urgent, immediate and in-your-face Reznor spat his stinging bile while embodying all our post-911 fears on “Letting You.” The razor-sharp Reznor, one of the most disciplined and consistent rockers when it comes to putting on a full-throttle performance, followed with the industrial-strength, sleazy disco opus, “Discipline.”

And that's just one out of about a dozen paragraphs on the concert. Spoiler alert: "Pitter-patter" makes another appearance further down the page. The gratuitous use of descriptors and an unhealthy penchant for parentheses, however ridiculous, make the write-up a fantastic - if somewhat absurd - read.