Sunday, 7/31/05

Only reaches #20 in UK charts

Only has reached the #20 position in the UK charts. Could have been worse.
Thanks to Owen and AbjectMisery.
It did, however, knock Green Day's latest single from the #1 position in the rock charts. So all is not lost. Thanks Ross! Contest and SLC/Colorado Springs Show Updates is running a Voodoofest contest, the grand prize being a 3-night, 2-day trip, including airfare, hotel, 2-day festival passes, VIP passes, and gift bags. Thanks to Bonnie for writing in.
Additionally, the performance section of has been updated to confirm the October 4 date in Salt Lake City. And we've learned that the Colorado Springs date, previously also scheduled for October 4, has been cancelled. More information for ticketholders can be found here. Thanks John and Chris Kniker.
Saturday, 7/30/05

Boston and Albany Ticket Sale Changes

According to the RSS feed, some of the fall tour ticket sale dates are changing. Tickets for the November 8th Boston, MA date (at the Fleet Center) now go on sale September 10th at 10am (presumably from Ticketmaster), while a definite Albany, NY ticket sale date has yet to be confirmed.
More changes are in the pipeline, but thus is the nature of an arena tour. You'll just have to stay turned in to

Official "Only" Wallpaper in New Downloads Section

The current section of has been further updated to announce that a pack of wallpapers from the Only video are now available in the new downloads section. Thanks to everyone who wrote in.
Just a reminder -- if you use the RSS feed (see below), you'll always be among the first to know when updates. And yes, the Hotline staff know how to use the RSS feed, so please stop writing in about it. Now, if only they'd give us wallpaper from the Deep video...
Friday, 7/29/05 RSS feed

Current updates with news of a brand spanking new RSS feed (here's an explanation of what RSS is, and how you can use it). Mark immediately leapt upon it, and made a feed for us folks out there who use Livejournal.
Now there's no need to scratch your heads wondering what the hell updated on! Hooray! Thanks go to the ever observant Sullichin.

UK Midweek Chart

Only is currently standing at #14 in the UK midweek chart. Barring a big surge in sales, that's probably about as good a position as it's going to get.
Thanks Funty!

New Live NIN Footage on PSP Media Manager

Drakh on ETS recently had a meeting with some of the nice folks at Mad Catz, who showed off a new product called the "PSP Media Manager."
Basically, you throw it on PC, and the software configures all your stuff for you -- turns your songs into mp3s, images into jpgs, movies into MPEG4 files, and so on. Presumably, this can then be moved on to your PSP.
What makes this relevant to post here is that they're packaging the device with a Nine Inch Nails theme. You're going to get a "30-minute exclusive live concert footage" movie with your purchase. Hell, the packaging even has a WITH_TEETH style NIN logo on the PSP's display.
Drakh later posed some questions to the PR department:
Why is NIN going on the Gameshark?
"Trent had wanted to break into the gaming market. It just happened that the person whom [our deal negotiator] spoke to about wanting bands for the media manager happened to know that Trent wanted into the market."
What footage is it?
"[We've been told] it is from this year's tour promoting their new album."
We'll post more as we hear it. This is purportedly not the same footage as the Collected DVD, but new footage from the recent touring the band has done.
Thursday, 7/28/05

NIN Inspired art wins at RnR Hall of Fame

I received an interesting email from Genne Laakso, who placed first at a juried art exhibit currently on display at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. The theme of the exhibit was the was the intersection of jewelry, metalwork and enameling with industrial design, the "fine arts" and fashion. Artists were invited to submit works that were influenced by some element of rock music - a lyric, song title, album, artist, style of music, event, etc. Genne's piece was inspired by the new NIN album, With Teeth.
The exhibition doesn't have a web site, so I asked that she send some more photos of the piece, and I whipped up a page with thumbnails (that you click for full-size images, if you're not down with the routine yet), along with her statement about the piece, which you can view at this location. It's really cool, and if you're in the Cleveland area, I suggest you check it out while it's still on display - the exhibit closes August 7.

Harass an eBay sucker

John wrote in with news about this ebay auction for a CD containing remixes taken from, where they were offered freely.
He's got buy it now set to about $26 US, and describes it as so: "These tracks are almost impossible to find! You must have this cd!" If you've got an eBay account, I encourage you to tell this guy what you think of his little scam.
By the way, the THTF remix contest on is coming to a close -- we'll be announcing the winners soon.

New site style available - work in progress

Okay so I've been fucking around with CSS again. If you go to the bottom of the news page, I've added a new style with CSS TRANSPARENCY. (If this text isn't half as bright as the text around it, your browser doesn't support CSS transparency the way I would like it to.) ... it's a work in progress, like the headline here says, so it's going to change at least one more time before I give up on it.

Amanda Palmer's Tour Diary

Over at the Dresden Dolls website, the delightful Amanda Palmer gives her perspective on the time she spent on tour with NIN:
"speaking of NIN, i never really got to explain what that was like day to day. We were sleeping in our tour bus, whereas the NIN folks all travelled by tour bus but stayed in hotels. trent didn't like sleeping in the bus (or so the lore went) and so the band always slept in a hotel in one city, drove through the day, and showed up at the next city for soundcheck...

There's more on the site. Thanks Ben!

Credits for Only

Andres emails to point us towards commercial production site Boards Mag, which is hosting the Only video. Beneath the video there is a list of credits, which goes a little something like this:
Client: Interscope Records
Directed by David Fincher
Production Company: Digital Domain, Inc.
Animation and Visual Effects by: Digital Domain, Inc.
Executive Producer: Ed Ulbrich
VFX Supervisor:Eric Barba
VFX Producer:Lisa Beroud
Digital Production Manager: Chris House
Editor: Russ Glasgow
CG Supervisor: Jay Barton
Compositing Supervisor: Jonathan Hicks
Flame Artist: James Blevins
Nuke Compositor: Greg Teegarden
Nuke Compositor: Janelle Croshaw
Color Grader: Todd Sarsfield
Pre-Vis. Artist: John Allardice
Digital Artist: Chris Norpchen
Digital Artist: Piotr Karwas
Digital Artist: Richard Morton
Digital Artist: John Cooper
Digital Artist: Dave Carlson
Digital Artist: Patrick Perez
Digital Artist: Rob Nederhorst
Digital Artist: Jim Gaczkowski
Digital Artist: Aaron Powell
Tracking Artist: Scott Edelstein

Thanks Andres!

SLC show has been rescheduled for Oct 4

Sam V. wrote in just now to clarify that "the SLC show has been rescheduled for Oct. 4 at the E center, according to United Concerts." He continued, "the person I spoke to didn't know when tickets were going to go on sale, but I reckon next week (aug. 6)." Thanks Sam, now get back to work!

SLC tour error? Radio contests. Autolux. Digidesign.

spotted dove wrote in to mention that "there is a discrepancy with the Salt Lake City date. While says they are playing the E Center there on Nov. 19, the E Center site lists a Grizzlies game there on that date. Also there is apparently no presale on this show today even though the tickets allegedly go on sale this Saturday.
Tainted Bliss and Barbeito wrote in to let you know that The Buzz, Radio FM 94.5 in Houston, is also holding an Only remix contest. The winner will have his or her remix played on the air, and will recieve tickets and back stage passes for the October 19 show with NIN and QOTSA.
NINja(e) has a similar news item coming from KFMA in Arizona. "You could win tickets to Nine Inch Nails at TCC on September 17th plus one grand prize winner will get to meet Trent Reznor at the show."
MTV has another article about Autolux and Nine Inch Nails touring... thanks for the link, Casey W.
Whether or not you live in Australia, you ought to vote for Only in Triple J's Net 50, because dribbles mcturd wants you to. Thanks, dribbles mcturd.
white_noise_bleed sent us a link to the new digidesign interview with Trent Reznor. ***update*** Rich told us about this magazine physically being at Guitar Center, but no one posted it, given there was no content or scans or any of that corroborating evidence. He just sent an email complaining about not getting credit for this, which made me feel bad and go back and find his submission, and post about it. Thanks for sending in the news about Digizine, Rich! We hope you've got your thunder back now.
Wednesday, 7/27/05

Unofficial With Teeth Posters and Booklets

Andrew Quinton (aka Werewolf Feet on ETS) sent in the following update on his mass unofficial production of With Teeth lyric posters, as well as news of a similar booklet now available for ordering:
"1) Anyone in North America who ordered a With Teeth poster from and hasn't received it yet has got a week to contact me (via this page) to let me know.
2) I am doing With Teeth lyric booklets now-- standard CD booklet size, contains all lyrics & so forth. Basically, it's the poster cut up and stapled into a booklet. They're $4.66 CDN each, plus shipping. Totally non-profit -- for fans, by a fan. Details, photos and ordering info are at this page."

NIN Spotting

Two small news bits for your perusal:
Firstly, another radio station remix competition. DC 101 in ... Washington DC is holding a remix context for a meet and greet before the November 2nd concert. Thanks to Red for the link.
Secondly, Jerome Dillon, superstar NIN drummer and tall human being, has posted a short Q&A to his messageboard. The post includes a few NIN references, so go check it out if you're interested in NIN and/or whether Jerome Dillon went to his prom. Thanks to he-man for the note.

Power 97.5FM mentions Winnipeg concert

QOTSA have a Winnipeg, MB concert date scheduled for November 14th while they're on tour with NIN. A local Winnipeg radio station is allegedly confirming this date as being a definite Nine Inch Nails concert date. Of course, nothing is really confirmed until it's up on the tour page, but if I were you, I'd start saving my pennies for tickets.
Thanks Tarv!

MySpace banner ad error

Tamer wrote in mentioning that this ad on MySpace erroneously says that nin will be playing at the Wachovia Spectrum on Friday, November 11th at 8pm. correctly shows that Philly show on 11/05/05 - the band is in Toronto on the 11th.

Pretty Hate Machine Ownership Rights

In case you happened to miss it, MTV dropped this little bomb earlier today.
On August 17 Nine Inch Nails fans will have an opportunity to score the ultimate collector's item - the ownership rights to Trent Reznor's groundbreaking debut, Pretty Hate Machine.
The paragraph with the article is about half way down the page, the ownership rights to NIN's DEBUT album apparently not newsworthy enough to warrant it's own page.
Sounds like someone's still bitter about the VMA's...
Big thanks to Gregory Danger for the link.
Tuesday, 7/26/05

Vote for Only on MusiquePlus

Noles sent in the following announcement:
Great news up in Canada. "Only" has been selected as this week's BUZZCLIP over at MusiquePlus (french version of Muchmusic). Please support the video by voting for it on the daily top 5.

DIY Only/With Teeth posters + fliers

Trafficonline is handling UK Street Teaming for Nine Inch Nails this time around. They recently sent around an email to people on their lists with information about distributing posters and fliers to promote the new single, Only.
On top of shipping those posters and fliers to street teamers (which no doubt will turn them right around on to eBay) they provided PDF versions of the banner
and the poster, encouraging you to print your own, if you ran out of the nice ones they sent you.
So I thought I'd share that with you. These are double sided, with one side promoting With Teeth, the other side promoting Only. Also, someone working on the UK art consistently seems to be getting the NIN part of upside down - but they're consistent about it, so that must count for something.

NIN Hotline RSS Feed + Personalized Google

Lastnight, Google updated their personalized Google page, allowing you to add your own news feeds to your personalized home page. If you don't already know how Google Personalized works, go to and start reading (it's really easy).
To add The NIN Hotline news feed to your personalized page, click Add Content, then on Create a Section, and enter the url and click Go. Give it a shot, it's kind of cool.
Monday, 7/25/05

XFM interview transcription

We now have a transcription of the XFM interview in our interview archive, brilliantly worked out by Botley of Echoing the Sound. So if you missed it, and can't be bothered to hunt down an audio version, here's another option of checking out what Trent had to say. Thanks Botley!

Only released today

The new single Only has been released in the UK today in three different formats. Last time, we managed to get THTF to #3 in the UK midweek charts - can we beat that? Let's see.
Sunday, 7/24/05

Autolux's Greg Edwards on touring with NIN

Billboard has this tiny interview with Autolux's guitarist Greg Edwards.
Thanks to JackTorrence1 for the update (now put that axe down, you fiend.)

NIN and Sony Connect Contest on CD:UK

CD:UK is giving away a Sony MP3 player and some free downloads; "two lucky runners-up" will get a copy of Only. Thanks to brok3n for sending this in.

XFM interview replay

If you managed, like some of us *cough*, to miss the interview with Trent on XFM then you can stream the whole show over at The site is in German, but don't fret, as it's easy to navigate.
Thanks dewretching!
Friday, 7/22/05

Further clarification about Only

Elfie saved me a bunch of time and effort with a concise summary of's listings for the Only single. Rather than paraphrase, I'll copy, paste, and slightly edit what he said.
"To clarify about amazon cancelling orders for the Only single. Unfortunately when the item listings were originally created, they didn't know exactly which versions of Only were which, so they just listed a couple of them at first using the same item numbers across their different sites (US, UK, Germany, etc).
The item they had listed as "Part 1" on the US site was using the same ASIN (Amazon's item number system) as the DVD single on They can't sell that DVD on the US site because it's PAL and probably region-encoded. That's why the orders for "Part 1" on the US site were cancelled.
The three track and the four track CD versions are still both available, and will both ship. And of course the DVD is available on amazon's UK site."
Thursday, 7/21/05

More Amazon disappointment

Elegant copied us on an email they got today:
Hello from
We are sorry to report that we will not be able to obtain the following item from your order:
Nine Inch Nails "Only Pt.1 [CD-SINGLE] [IMPORT]"
Though we had expected to be able to send this item to you, we've since found that it is not available from any of our sources at this time. We realize this is disappointing news to hear, and we apologize for the inconvenience we have caused you.

No doubt a number of you will be getting this email. Please don't also copy us on it. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Collected mailout hasn't happened yet.

Remember that form on you filled out in order to receive a copy of Collected via snail mail, free courtesy of Interscope Records? No one ever received the DVD, marked SEED_1, in the mail. The giveaway was actively advertised on a range of sites.
There had always been a question about the data collection even working, as upon clicking "Submit" on that form gave everyone an error. If you're one of those people who got upset about this, you can always demand a refund, I guess.

Amazon restock a mistake?

We have received a number of emails from people saying that their orders for copies of the WITT single, parts 1 and 3, cannot be fulfilled. It's hard to tell if any orders got through, but dozens certainly have been turned away. Sorry to get hopes up like that.
Tuesday, 7/19/05

Reminder: Kerrang radio today

The Kerrang radio special we told you about last week airs today, in less than two hours. The show airs at 9pm GMT, on 105.2fm in the midlands UK, but is also available at

Aaron North: "I like it in the pooper" access has been updated with an EXTRA SPECIAL BAND EDITION featuring answers from guitarist/acrobat Aaron North and drummer/nutritionist Jerome Dillon. There's equipment talk, "drum off" challenges, and some hippie shit from a former guitarist.
Thank you to RestlessDreamer for the heads up.
Monday, 7/18/05

Confirmations for Canadians + Yanks

Edmonton and Calgary have been confirmed on, sales dates TBA.
Also, Philly, Albany, Boston, Montreal, Toronto, & Salt Lake City all now have sale dates.
Check it out, mang.
Thanks to Riley, Vincent, Ava, Pinion, and Sarah for the heads up!

Fragile era singles re-issued? Updated - Sold out.

For a while now, the singles for The Day The World Went Away and We're In This Together parts one, two, and three, are all appearing as new items at These were previously used-only, which led to the used prices of $75-$99 for the WITT singles, compared to the new price of $12.98 each. Anyway, if you've been curious about getting those singles, but didn't want to pay the going market rate, now's your chance to get them new and shrinkwrapped.

3:41pm ET UPDATE: Apparently this is limited (for now) stock, as part 2 has sold out since posting this news. Thanks to Isaac Unknown and ed for the update.
7/20/05 Update: brianwhover wrote in to point out that all copies of TDTWWA and the WITT singles are no longer available new through Amazon. If we hear of more new copies becoming available through any outlets, we'll let you know.
Sunday, 7/17/05

THTF Remix Contest Enters Final Round

The unofficial The Hand That Feeds remix contest has entered its final round. Head over to the contest site where Undergone has set up a new and improved poll system and standalone mp3 player to help you listen to the top 10 remixes and vote for your favorite.
Thanks to Undergone, and we hope you're enjoying your zzz's.
Saturday, 7/16/05

Canadian Tour Dates

Good news for Canadian fans. The Calgary Sun has announced that NIN will be playing the Saddledome on November 17. The Edmonton Sun is also reporting a tour date of November 16. And QOTSA's tour page shows a Winnipeg date on November 14. Thanks to Travis Brown, James Lambert, Jodi, Sarah, and ManBurning for sending these in.
Be sure to keep an eye on for these dates to be confirmed, eh?

XFM Interview

An XFM interview with Trent will be aired on Friday the 22nd of July, during Ian Camfield's slot (between 9 and 11pm UK time). He should be hanging around for an hour or so, which should make for some interesting listening!
Thanks to rockin locs of Echoing the Sound.
Friday, 7/15/05

Kerrang Radio NIN Special next week

On Tuesday, July 19th, Kerrang Radio will be playing a special one hour show about Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails. It's on at 9pm GMT and is on 105.2fm in the midlands UK. If that's out of your broadcast area, you can also listen to it online at If you're in the US, keep in mind that 9pm GMT is 4pm eastern time, which is 1pm Pacific time.

More Fall U.S. Tour Tickets; Only Premiering Abroad

A buttload of tickets for the upcoming fall U.S. tour is going on sale tomorrow. More information is available at You might also try ticketmaster directly here.
Listeners of 92.1 KFMA in Tucson will have a chance to win tickets to the 9/17 show all weekend.
Australian fans can catch the video for Only on the music video channel "Rage" tonight and tomorrow morning as the first and the last video of programming. Thanks to A-Thousand-Lies.
Muchmusic is also airing the video for Only tonight on "The Wedge" at 11pm EST. Thanks to Nine Inch Gails for that tip. And it's showing on Musique Plus on the show Flambant n'Oeuf this weekend, on Saturday at 17h30 EST and Sunday 11h EST.

Trent talks lyrics with Kerrang! magazine

Melissa was kind enough to transcribe this week's Kerrang! interview with Trent Reznor, where he talks about what he was thinking while writing tracks like Head Like a Hole, Starfuckers, Only, Wish, Hurt, and others. If you haven't bought the magazine already, read the article here! Thanks Melissa.

More remix contests

91x radio in San Diego, and 92.3 XTREME in Cleveland are having similar remix contests to the KROCK NY remix contest we mentioned earlier. This seems to be an ongoing thing, your local EXTREME radio station might be doing a contest as well. Keep your eyes peeled. Thanks to Laura, Joe, and G Nine.
Thursday, 7/14/05

More Radio Remix Contests

Darrell Scarlet copied us on this info:
Live 105 in San Francisco is giving away NIN tickets and also has a contest for the best remix of Only. They also have the video up on their website. Here are more details.
Nine Inch Nails is coming to the Oakland Arena, along with Queens Of The Stone Age, for a September 30th MEGA-SHOW. Tickets for the show go on sale 10AM this Sunday at all Ticketmaster locations and online at
All this weekend, we'll be giving tickets to the show away during LIVE 105's Nine Inch Nails Weekend. When you hear us play NIN and QOTSA, back-to-back, be caller #10 at 478-live or 1-800-696-1053 and you'll get free.
Plus be listening for info on how you can win an iPod and a chance to meet Nine Inch Nails by making the best remix of the NIN song "Only" in LIVE 105's Nine Inch Nails Remix Contest. Plus, the winning Bay Area remix will be debuted on the Sixx Mixx and also get some regular airplay on LIVE 105.
Wednesday, 7/13/05

Metal Hammer Inquires...

Tired of spamming's access section with your questions for Trent Reznor? Well, now you can spam Metal Hammer instead!
Metal Hammer magazine will be taking questions for their Spanish Inquisition column. There's a mailto at the link above. Hopefully we can get some better questions answered than the "r u ghey????" ones from the similar BBC stunt. Thanks to siNNer and AbjectMisery for the note.

Tower Records THTF US Update (updated 4:14pm EST)

Sometime last month, we reported on the mysterious appearance of two CD singles for The Hand That Feeds on Tower Records, with a July 12 release date. It turns out to be that Tower mislisted them as CDs, and they are in fact 12" vinyl releases. If you missed this news, the releases are THTF DFA Mixes and THTF Photek Mixes. These are currently listed as "Special Order," which is Tower Records speak for "back ordered."
Update: Justin wrote in, having received his copy of the Photek 12", and it looks "just like the promo" but with a UPC code. It is probably safe to assume the same is true of the DFA remixes 12".
Tuesday, 7/12/05

Visuals section updated, as opposed to some other website. Take that, now apple users can watch "Only" too!!

We got the Spiral emails, too.

Thanks for all the news submissions reporting that members of the Spiral received an email today about ticket presales, but please stop sending them to us. Nobody but Spiral members really has a use for that information and we assume that most (if not all) Spiral members have received it by now, so there's really no sense in posting it here. If you're interested in the presales, please join the Spiral.

Bid on signed TDS artwork for Sudan Charity

As you may have read here, Waxploitation Records charity, The Wax Trust, is doing another round of charity auctions to assist victims of the 'ethnic cleansing' taking place in the African country of Sudan.
Among the many items you can bid on to help this cause, a signed Downward Spiral lithograph is up for auction. Now you can get your collectors fix and put the money to a good cause at the same time. Thanks to dewretching for the reminder!

Steve Vai in Guitar Player magazine

It's more of a NIN-spotting thing than real news, but guitarist Steve Vai put Trent Reznor in some high company in an article in Guitar Player magazine:
GP: How do you create "effective" music?
Vai: It's just the muse. It's that elusive, creative juice we all have. I would venture to say that if you asked Jimi Hendrix or Beethoven or Trent Reznor why they did what they did, the answers would be, "I don't know." I don�t think they did know. They had no choice. They were who they were.

Thanks to Ian for sending that in.

Reznor in Guitar World

We just got a note from Guitar World that Trent's in this month's issue, which hits newsstands today. They sent along a quote - you'll have to read the rest for yourself at a local bookstore.
"My situation was, 'You're going to die if you don't get better now. I was out of second chances;" Trent Reznor of the Nine Inch Nails reveals in the September issue of Guitar World (on newsstands July 12). " I was out of rescues. My nine lives were up. It was such a terrifying and unpleasant place to be that I had no interest in bending the rules anymore. I realized I don't know everything; that maybe I do need help, I do need friends, I can't run the world, and maybe the world doesn't revolve around me; maybe I'm full of shit, maybe I'm not smarter than anyone else."

EDIETS reportedly out on August 18th

Ian writes:
The forthcoming singles leaflet for August in HMV lists "Everyday is Exactly the Same" with a release date of 18th August.

Well meaning as they are, release dates that come out this early are often pushed back, especially in the case of Nine Inch Nails, so don't be too hasty to mark your calendars.
Thanks Ian!
Monday, 7/11/05

Remix Only, eMail 92.3 Krock, Meet the Band

K-Rock in New York is having a contest (they're insane) where the best remix of Only that gets emailed to them will get played on the air, and the winner of the contest will go to the Madison Square Garden show on November 3 and meet the band. This is not an all expenses paid thing, so if you can't get to New York on November 3, don't clog the inbox.
On the other hand, if you think you really have a shot, read K-Rock's webpage for more information, and email away. Good luck!
Saturday, 7/09/05

SickAmongthePure :: July.2005

SickAmongthePure is now live with the July issue and has been since the first of the month, as per usual!
As always, we bring the ruckus to you. July's issue includes exclusive new interviews with, Autoaggression, the Dresden Dolls, and many more. We throw in ample live show reviews, humour, and informative essays, not to mention another 48 album reviews for you to pick to pieces.
And now, SickAmongthePure features a News Reel! So be sure to bookmark us check back daily for news headlines from around the world of Industrial and EBM.

End of the UK tour tickets

If you're still looking for tickets for the UK tour dates, don't worry. Seetickets still has some available for both Manchester dates (even tomorrow!) and single tickets available for the 14th. If you know of any other outlets that have tickets available, please let us know, as it's still not too late to purchase them in time for the end of the tour.
*Update* have seating tickets for the 11th and the 14th dates. Thanks Sam!

Access updates

Access updates on - Trent says "dude" a lot, talks about the mighty Saul Williams, mentions yet another upcoming European tour, and exposes a racist asshole fan. Rob Sheridan also details the making of THTF video.
Thanks to Manuel, thegiddysamurai, FearFeelScarFYou and rustynailz.

Brixton gigs will go ahead

After Thursday's terrorist attack, a few of us were a little worried about the future of the Brixton gigs. But my good friend Christo emails to say that he spoke to the band up in Glasgow, and they are determined that the gigs will go on as planned (to quote Jerome: "I'm not going to let anything stop us from turning up at Brixton"). So just in case anyone out there was still worrying, you can now put your mind at rest.
As a sidenote, for everyone that is travelling to London next week, please keep an eye on transport news. Parts of the London Underground will be closed off due to investigations and repairs and everything is likely to still be a bit off kilter by the time Wednesday comes around.
Stefan writes:
"Jubilee Line has no trouble at all. There is however currently no Circle, no Hammersmith Line, and parts of the Piccadilly, City and Metropolitan and District lines are disrupted.
People travelling in London for next week's gigs can check info for the tube here."

Friday, 7/08/05

Background on the Only video.

Over on the Chaos Group forums there was a post by someone who worked for Digital Domain on the video for Only, who shared some interesting trivia:
-The video was made by the company Digital Domain.
-The 90-95% of the video is pure CG (computer generated)
-It was made in 3D Studio Max and rendered with Vray
-The apples at the end where one falls are real. one of the few real shots in the video.
Thanks to brokenfix for pointing that out.

Fan produced WITH_TEETH posters shipped

Over the July 4 weekend, Andrew Quinton (and isdfx, and Andrew's cousin, I think) sent more than eight hundred posters out the door, and people have been receiving theirs all across Canada and the United States this week. Given the success of his first run, and the demand for more posters, he's working to get another order of 1,000 made.
You can read reviews from people who've received posters starting on this page of Echoing the Sound, and see pictures of the ordering and shipping process at, where Quinton has posted plans to print booklets based on the posters -- no prices listed yet.

'Only' video to officially premiere Tuesday

The official NIN website updated with this hot news about the new video for 'Only':
The video for 'Only' will officially premiere Tuesday on MTV2. It will be playing throughout the day, and will debut on Fuse, MTV, and other music video outlets in the following days.

More ticket information over at has updated with a whole bunch of new ticket information for the US Fall tour. You might have to refresh the page a few times before you see it.
Thanks Leslie and Josh.

Dallas, TX ticket information

Ticketmaster now has ticket information up on their site for the October 17th Dallas, TX concert. Tickets are priced between $35 and $45, and go on sale Saturday, July 16th at 10am.
Thanks Trevor.
Thursday, 7/07/05

Chicago Ticket Sale's performance page has been updated with the sale date for the Chicago, IL show at the Allstate Arena. Tickets go on sale Saturday, July 9th at 10 a.m.
We've also received news from several people letting us know that, as fan club members, they've gotten emails announcing the presale for this show. It started today, Thursday, July 7th, at noon. If you're a member of the Spiral fan club keep an eye out for emails regarding the presales for upcoming shows.
Thank you to everyone for the info!

Terrorist Attack in London

There has been a terrorist attack in London. We have received a number of emails asking how this might affect next weeks Brixton gigs. We're not expecting any change, as the venue is on the very edge of the city. For now, if you live in London or have family there, check that they are safe, and hopefully as the situation becomes clearer we will know more about how the end of the UK tour stands.
Wednesday, 7/06/05

DJ Tommy Sunshine digs...

In the latest issue of Spin Magazine (The one with Gerard Way on the cover), you'll find a very small mention of NIN on page 107.
DJ Tommy Sunshine lists Photek's NIN remixes amongst Vitalic, New Order, Edge Of Motion and Kylie Minogue as one of the most danceable tracks of the year.

New Album... "soon"?

Nine Inch Nails is smack in the middle of a number of UK tour dates, and Trent Reznor recently spoke to Kerrang! magazine about a follow-up album to With Teeth coming out as soon as next year. While there's not much more to the news than that, you can read the full article on their website. Thanks to siNNer, KingLewie, and MiguelWallis for sending in the news!

Kerrang Meet and Greet Competition

Kerrang! magazine are currently running meet and greet competition for those of us in the UK who will be attending the July 13th Brixton gig.
Thanks to siNNer and and Greg M.
Tuesday, 7/05/05

Speaking of Only... [Updated]

UPDATE: After a little tomfoolery, I've managed to finagle this link out of the system. Probably still requires WMP, but shouldn't need IE. And isn't region limited.
MSN has added the video for Only to You'll have to use Internet Explorer, and I imagine you'll need Windows Media Player. We've also gotten reports that it's somehow region limited to the US. Go to "Movies - Music", then "Music: Rock", and then scroll to the next to last row.
We'll post more info as it is available. Thanks to amethyst9 and wix.

Scuzz in the UK is playing Only on TV.

We have received a number of reports that a television channel called Scuzz has aired the Only video in it's entirety this morning. Good reviews so far, and as we learn more, we'll certainly fill you in. In the meantime, check out the screen shot on the right.
Thanks Oneel, Ade, Andy, and terrifyer.

Did you ever receive Collected in the mail?

A while ago, we posted a link to a page where you could sign-up to receive a free copy of the retrospective DVD, "Collected," in the mail -- as long as you were living in the United States. However, we haven't heard of anyone receiving this DVD yet, except by going to GameStop and pre-ordering some videogame. If you actually did receive a DVD in the mail in relation to that promotion, I'd be interested in hearing from you.
Monday, 7/04/05

Pre-Order of Only available at

Only is now available to pre-order at in two formats. You can either pick up the standard release (with THTF DFA remix/Love is Not Enough Live at Rehearsals) or the DVD release (with the Only video/Love is Not Enough Live at Rehearsals). Both are priced £3.99 and right now, there are no details on the singles available on the site.
Sunday, 7/03/05

Rock Werchter gallery

There's a really great gallery of the live performances over at the Rock Werchter website. You can find it by clicking on "Reports", and then going to the Day 3/Main Stage section.
Thanks to everyone who sent this news in.

Moonwalking through Belgium

There's a new picture up on That's a hell of a lot of people.
Thanks to Ninjaw and Charlynn!

Lithos added to performance page

There's been a little bit of discussion about this, so this is really just to clear up any confusion. updated yesterday with new lithographs on the performance page. A minor update, but something cool for all the people who are seeing the band in the UK over the next two weeks.
Saturday, 7/02/05

Phoenix, AZ ticket information

From 98KUPD:
Nine Inch Nails
w/ Queens of the Stone Age
Monday, September 19th at the America West Arena
Tickets On-Sale Saturday, July 16th at 10am
$ ???? Reserved / $ ???? PIT
Doors @ 6:30pm - Show @ 8pm / ALL AGES

Thanks Gorzki!

Reznor donates to Waxploitation Charity.

"We've learned a lot since our auction earlier this year. This time, we are working towards not just raising money for relief organizations, but also putting together a nationwide petition demanding that the Senate and White House take definitive action against the Sudanese government. It seems like every time there's a moment for this horror to finally be addressed, something overshadows it in the news media. So we're going to shake the trees ourselves and create a way for people to take real action."
~ Jeff Antebi, founder/creative director of Waxploitation.

The second Waxploitation Sudan Charity online auction launches on July 12th to assist victims of ethnic cleansing in the African country of Sudan. Trent Reznor is one of many celebrities donating items for auction, including System of a Down and TV on the Radio.
Thanks go to Chris.

San Diego, CA ticket information.

According to 91x's concert listings, tickets for the September 16th San Diego show at Cox Arena go on sale on Saturday, July 16 at 12 noon. Ticketmaster are handling the sales, but there doesn't seem to be a specific page for the concert yet.
Thanks Katrina!

Poster madness continues...

Werewolfeet has the posters, and he & his merry band of minions are eagerly rolling and tucking and sending them your way.
Also, Funkeman has busted out some posters as well (sorry about the late mention), and he actually has some left to order.
Friday, 7/01/05

Tucson, AZ ticket sale information

Ticketmaster currently have information posted about the September 17th concert in Tucson, AZ. Tickets are priced between $35 and $45 and will go on sale to the general public on Saturday, July 16th at 10am.
Thanks to bat and Tim for letting us know about this!

Second Rock Werchter stream

There's another stream of the Rock Werchter festival over at that's going to contain live audio and video (apparently the other one will be audio only) of the NIN performance. Unfortunately, they'll only be streaming 2 or 3 songs, so it's a trade off between which format you'd rather expose yourself to.
Forget all that. The stream is now available on the main Rock Werchter festival site. Just go there instead.
The site is fairly easy to navigate, but again, it might be best to check that you have all the right plugins for your browser before the whole thing goes live.
Thanks Saartje!

THTF remix competition moves on

THTF remix competition is entering the final stages, as the voting for the first half of the top forty songs has now finished. A whopping 330GB of bandwidth was used by the standalone player during this round. The most popular remixes from this group were:
384. Red Room
490. Nynex and Trent Remix
406. Pinionist
014. Jackles Final Remix
435. Hellzapops Down on Your Knees Remix

The site has also moved to the domain, so change your bookmarks, and check out the second batch of top forty songs. Congratulations to those remixers that have made it through to the top ten so far, and as always, thankyou Undergone.

Chicago ticket sale information

According to Q101's concert calender, tickets for the October 7th Nine Inch Nails gig at the Allstate Arena will go on sale Saturday, July 9th at 10am priced $47.50.
Thanks Trish!