Saturday July 2, 2005

Reznor donates to Waxploitation Charity.

"We've learned a lot since our auction earlier this year. This time, we are working towards not just raising money for relief organizations, but also putting together a nationwide petition demanding that the Senate and White House take definitive action against the Sudanese government. It seems like every time there's a moment for this horror to finally be addressed, something overshadows it in the news media. So we're going to shake the trees ourselves and create a way for people to take real action."

~ Jeff Antebi, founder/creative director of Waxploitation.

The second Waxploitation Sudan Charity online auction launches on July 12th to assist victims of ethnic cleansing in the African country of Sudan. Trent Reznor is one of many celebrities donating items for auction, including System of a Down and TV on the Radio.

Thanks go to Chris.