Tuesday July 26, 2005

DIY Only/With Teeth posters + fliers

Trafficonline is handling UK Street Teaming for Nine Inch Nails this time around. They recently sent around an email to people on their lists with information about distributing posters and fliers to promote the new single, Only.

On top of shipping those posters and fliers to street teamers (which no doubt will turn them right around on to eBay) they provided PDF versions of the banner
and the poster, encouraging you to print your own, if you ran out of the nice ones they sent you.

So I thought I'd share that with you. These are double sided, with one side promoting With Teeth, the other side promoting Only. Also, someone working on the UK art consistently seems to be getting the NIN part of www.nin.com upside down - but they're consistent about it, so that must count for something.