Thursday July 28, 2005

Credits for Only

Andres emails to point us towards commercial production site Boards Mag, which is hosting the Only video. Beneath the video there is a list of credits, which goes a little something like this:

Client: Interscope Records
Directed by David Fincher
Production Company: Digital Domain, Inc.
Animation and Visual Effects by: Digital Domain, Inc.
Executive Producer: Ed Ulbrich
VFX Supervisor:Eric Barba
VFX Producer:Lisa Beroud
Digital Production Manager: Chris House
Editor: Russ Glasgow
CG Supervisor: Jay Barton
Compositing Supervisor: Jonathan Hicks
Flame Artist: James Blevins
Nuke Compositor: Greg Teegarden
Nuke Compositor: Janelle Croshaw
Color Grader: Todd Sarsfield
Pre-Vis. Artist: John Allardice
Digital Artist: Chris Norpchen
Digital Artist: Piotr Karwas
Digital Artist: Richard Morton
Digital Artist: John Cooper
Digital Artist: Dave Carlson
Digital Artist: Patrick Perez
Digital Artist: Rob Nederhorst
Digital Artist: Jim Gaczkowski
Digital Artist: Aaron Powell
Tracking Artist: Scott Edelstein

Thanks Andres!