Friday July 29, 2005

New Live NIN Footage on PSP Media Manager

Drakh on ETS recently had a meeting with some of the nice folks at Mad Catz, who showed off a new product called the "PSP Media Manager."

Basically, you throw it on PC, and the software configures all your stuff for you -- turns your songs into mp3s, images into jpgs, movies into MPEG4 files, and so on. Presumably, this can then be moved on to your PSP.

What makes this relevant to post here is that they're packaging the device with a Nine Inch Nails theme. You're going to get a "30-minute exclusive live concert footage" movie with your purchase. Hell, the packaging even has a WITH_TEETH style NIN logo on the PSP's display.

Drakh later posed some questions to the PR department:

Why is NIN going on the Gameshark?
"Trent had wanted to break into the gaming market. It just happened that the person whom [our deal negotiator] spoke to about wanting bands for the media manager happened to know that Trent wanted into the market."

What footage is it?
"[We've been told] it is from this year’s tour promoting their new album."

We'll post more as we hear it. This is purportedly not the same footage as the Collected DVD, but new footage from the recent touring the band has done.