Thursday July 28, 2005

NIN Inspired art wins at RnR Hall of Fame

I received an interesting email from Genne Laakso, who placed first at a juried art exhibit currently on display at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. The theme of the exhibit was the was the intersection of jewelry, metalwork and enameling with industrial design, the "fine arts" and fashion. Artists were invited to submit works that were influenced by some element of rock music - a lyric, song title, album, artist, style of music, event, etc. Genne's piece was inspired by the new NIN album, With Teeth.

The exhibition doesn't have a web site, so I asked that she send some more photos of the piece, and I whipped up a page with thumbnails (that you click for full-size images, if you're not down with the routine yet), along with her statement about the piece, which you can view at this location. It's really cool, and if you're in the Cleveland area, I suggest you check it out while it's still on display - the exhibit closes August 7.