Monday July 18, 2005

Fragile era singles re-issued? Updated - Sold out.

For a while now, the singles for The Day The World Went Away and We're In This Together parts one, two, and three, are all appearing as new items at These were previously used-only, which led to the used prices of $75-$99 for the WITT singles, compared to the new price of $12.98 each. Anyway, if you've been curious about getting those singles, but didn't want to pay the going market rate, now's your chance to get them new and shrinkwrapped.

3:41pm ET UPDATE: Apparently this is limited (for now) stock, as part 2 has sold out since posting this news. Thanks to Isaac Unknown and ed for the update.

7/20/05 Update: brianwhover wrote in to point out that all copies of TDTWWA and the WITT singles are no longer available new through Amazon. If we hear of more new copies becoming available through any outlets, we'll let you know.