Tuesday, 5/31/05

Metal Edge interviews Trent.

Over at Echoing The Sound, Lizzy_zig spent many a hour painfully transcribing a brilliant interview with Trent from the recent issue of Metal Edge magazine:
"I wasn't equipped to deal with fame, the aspects of stardom, suddenly getting a lot of money, suddenly everybody wants to be your friends, it's a party for you every night, and everybody wants to sleep with you and give you stuff. You think that's a cool thing - and there are cool things about that - but that's not why I got into playing music."

Alongside his struggles with alcohol/drugs (he goes into more detail than previous interviews have published), he discusses Zach de la Rocha, Michael Jackson, touring, life lessons and his Polident sponsorship; all neatly archived for your viewing pleasure.
A big thank you goes out to Lizzy_zig for her hard work.

NIN US Club Tour Ends Tonight

As the NIN US club tour winds down, don't forget to share your experiences over at the ETS Tour Journal. And, of course, you can just browse setlists and photos in the very same place (like last night's San Diego show).
In related news, LITHIUM PICNIC has some sweet shots from the Houston show. Thanks to everyone who sent them along.

Fair and Balanced Reporting: The NIN Hotline

Dearest NIN Fans, it is your patriotic duty to overload This Yahoo! Contest in which a few bands who reached thier peak in the 90s have put out the best new music lately.
Note to Yahoo!: Audioslave formed after the 1990s ended.

With Teeth: Tour Edition.

The With Teeth Tour Edition is a special Europe-only release of the album (because the Dualdisc is a US only format, so this is basically the European equivalent!) with the bonus DVD (containing 5.1 audio, THTF video, discography, audio and video clips). are also bundling it with the Deluxe Edition of The Downward Spiral.
Those in the US can order it from CD Universe for the princely sum of $45. There doesn't seem to be an option for non-EU/US countries at this moment - the UK isn't even in on the deal, but we're hoping it will be made available worldwide soon.
mozbot says:
"I believe might be selling the tour edition in the UK.
I've had this pre-ordered for about 2 weeks now, and since last week, they keep pushing the release date further back (it was originally stated as being released on the 23rd May, then 30th. Every Monday/Tuesday the status reads, "out now, awaiting delivery" and then returns to preorder status the next day, along with a new release date). It now seems as though it will be released next Monday (which would coincide with the .de release). I know the SACD/Hybrid disc is supposed to be released sometime this summer, but I'm not sure if this is it or something else."

NIN media storm.

Since broke the news that MTV were hypocritical nonsensical pricks, the people of the internet have picked up on the story as being one of the latest hot topics. Google now has over 160 news stories available to read (although more often than not, it's just the same story repeated on different sites) and it's even popped up on actual real TV news. There are threads, weblog comments and EchoingtheSound is taking a bashing from people ranting and raving about Trent's "sudden" political opinions.
"Let us have no doubts that when dissent is labeled as partisanship that censorship is at work."
All in all, a fun time to be had for all. Thanks to Sheryl for pointing this out to us.
Monday, 5/30/05

Triple J interview download.

Trent was interviewed on Australian radio station Triple J last Friday, and a great quality two-part download (without THTF sandwiched in the middle) has been made available on the station's website. He talks about walking in the woods, hot chicks at concerts and being a classically trained pianist.
If you can't be bothered to visit the site, you can direct download part one here and part two here. The mp3's total just under 2MB, so it's accessible even to the kids on dial up.
Thanks to Chris for letting us know about this.
Sunday, 5/29/05

Extra Sydney Date.

A second Sydney date for the 20th of August has been added to the Australia NIN tour. The first show has already sold out, so anyone who missed out has a second chance. Might want to hurry though.
Thanks to Mark, Scott and Alan.
Friday, 5/27/05

Reznor Wins: Flawless Victory

Bad news for John Malm fans: Trent Reznor (of Nine Inch Nails) was victorious across the board in the case against his former manager!
NIN WINS: As always happens on the eve of a three-day weekend, it's been a slow 24 hours for news...except for Trent Reznor. As an encore to his pullout from the MTV Movie Awards (see below), the Nine Inch Nails auteur Reznor today won a resounding victory over former manager and Nothing partner John Malm in a New York Federal court. The jury awarded Reznor on every single claim in his suit, including fraud and breach of fiduciary duty, adding up to $3 million, but interest calculations could potentially double the amount, leaving Malm looking at the possibility of bankruptcy. Reznor also regains 100% control ofhis trademarks.
Nice way to start the weekend!

Moron Television

MTV News is now running a story about NIN dropping from their Movie Awards show:
While we respect Nine Inch Nails' point of view, we were uncomfortable with their performance being built around a partisan political statement. When we discussed our discomfort with the band, their choice was to unfortunately pull out of the Movie Awards.
Warning! Biased reporting ranting ahead! Did anyone play the song for these MTV jackasses? Are they not reading, or even hearing the lyrics?
I personally think it's fantastic that a song which is very clearly warning against mixing religious zeal and world-politics to create bullshit wars has been at the top of the charts for weeks now. If playing it next to a photo of George W. Bush is what it takes to establish context for that song for some people... I don't even know what to say.
Thursday, 5/26/05

Fuck MTV

According to the latest update on the current section of, NIN is no longer performing on the MTV Movie Awards.
We'll have to settle for seeing the band perform live on their tour, sans commercial interruptions and lame jokes from annoying hosts. Darn.

Phoenix tickets back on sale again.

It seems as if the forces that be are staggering the Phoenix Marquee Theatre tickets (much like they did with London Astoria/Brixton tickets) because more have been made available for sale on the venue's site.
Thanks to John for the information.
Sold out now. Thanks brickabrack!

JJJ Interview

The Australian radio station, JJJ, will be interviewing Mr. Reznor on Friday the 27th. The interview is scheduled to air during the 'Today Show' with Chris and Craig. Australian fans should definitely tune in for specifics on the upcoming tour! alot
Thanks Kouri.

Don't Panic...!

The first couple of hours of the Australian pre-sales have passed, and there's not that many tickets left. Don't panic, pack a towel and remember that Ticketek will be having another pre-sale this weekend.
In further rocktastic news, there's a bunch of after-show parties planned, with the cooler-than-you Vice magazine already putting their hands up for the task.
I spoke with the promoters this morning, and the only posters that are being printed are the huge black ones going up all over construction hoardings across capital cities. Not that we encourage stealing them, or anything...
If people are looking for acommodation, or have a place to stay for travelling NIN fans, e-mail and we can point you in the right direction!

Once more, with feeling...

Since we've been getting a lot more emails about this, we want to say that yes, we did update about NIN performing at the MTV Movie Awards. It was posted early in the month, so it has been moved to the archives. The show airs June 9th, just two weeks away. Mark your calendars!
Wednesday, 5/25/05

Exposé on NIN

MusiquePlus, a french Canadian music television channel, will be airing an episode of Exposé featuring NIN.
"Five years have passed since the release of the double album "The Fragile." Trent Reznor, the leader of the group Nine Inch Nails, did not have an easy life during these years; he sunk into a hell of drugs and needed to be cured by detoxication. After long reflection, Trent rediscovered the capacity of music and realized at which point what was important in his life. This is why he recruited an all-new band and now NIN returns strongly to us with the album "With Teeth."

It will air on Saturday @ 7:30pm, Sunday @ 5pm, and Monday @ 1pm (eastern time).
Merci to manu, Alexis Pinsonneault, and Susan Cormier for the translation!

So, another show in Sydney, anyone?

The Australian NIN tour dates will be having pre-sale through the NIN:access interface.
If demand is strong enough, there may be shows added to the tour itinerary for Australia.

QOTSA Support NIN in the Fall

Head over to the current section of It's been announced that Queens of the Stone Age will be supporting NIN during the fall North American tour. Dates and pre-sale announcements should be out in early June.
Thanks to everyone for informing us!

More Phoenix Marquee tickets available.

The Marquee Theatre have made more tickets for the 27th and 28th of May shows available. We don't know how many are there, so if that's where you want to see NIN this year, you better move your behinds.
As a quick side note, the Dresden Dolls are playing an extra date at that same venue on the 29th. They put on a fantastic live performance, and I'd definitely recommend catching them as a headline act.
Thanks Lara!
Yeh, so they're sold out now. Congratulations to those who managed to get the tickets they needed.
Monday, 5/23/05

NIN Returns to New Orleans for Voodoo Music Festival

Billboard has confimed that Nine Inch Nails will be headlining this years Voodoo Music Experience festival. (We posted about this back in March) The festival takes place on October 29th and 30th in New Orleans and "will feature upward of 80 bands spread across seven stages."
Tickets for the entire festival are $60, and camping is $35. The full line up is scheduled to be announced June 24.
Thanks alot Sheryl, siNNer, daniel and manicproject

With Teeth era Article Archive

You may have noticed our article archives, though six-hundred articles strong, have not been updated in years. This is partly because it's really cumbersome to update. Anticipating a wave of new text material coming along with the new album, I developed a database driven archive, which we have been populating for a few months.
Now we have over a hundred articles (mostly about With Teeth) and exclusive transcriptions of radio and television programs, exclusive translations of otherwise non-English articles, all are broken down by category, and listed in chronological order. It ain't pretty, so I'll just say it's a minimalistic design for now, but check out the new article archive here. I still have a lot of articles to add, but this should hold you over for a while until I get them in there.

MCM interviews Trent.

French TV station MCM has an interview with Trent up on their site. It's been available for 2 weeks, it's heavily dubbed, but it's viewable in both Windows Media and Realplayer formats (in an on-site protected player only).
Once more, thank you Ninjaw!

NIN Listening Party in México City

A listening "pre-concert" party will take place at Dada X on May 28th at 8pm. Dada X is located at Bolivar 31 Piso 2 Esq in Mexico City.
Nine Inch Nails is scheduled to play The Sports Palace in Mexico City on June 2nd.
Along with songs from every Halo being played by a live DJ, DeMechanical is going to playing a live tribute. You can check out a flier for the event on their site.

new Lithographs added to performance page.

If you haven't wandered over to the performance page recently, you probably haven't realised that the previews of the unique lithographs that are available to buy at shows (and are currently fetching prices on eBay that make us all cry into our pillows at night) now stretch all the way to the May 31st San Diego concert date.
Thanks to the hoards that emailed us about this.

Arte TV NIN feature.

This coming Thursday, French/German TV station Arte will be running a special Nine Inch Nails feature on it's music magazine Tracks. The programme begins at 11:05 CET on satellite TV, so if you live in countries like France, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria or Belgium, you can tune in. Consequently, the show gets re-aired on the same channel at 5pm on Saturday afternoon.
Thanks to dewretching for sending in this news.
Matthias very kindly translated the blurb on the Arte site:
"Trent Reznor, Godfather of Indus-Pop
Trent Reznor is known for giving no interviews. But finally the boss of Nine Inch Nails and father in spirit of Rammstein and Marilyn Manson drops the mask: The Pope of industrial Pop is he!

Ninjaw informs me that the cable/satellite numerical version of the channel has both audio languages and is FreeToAir (unencrypted), which makes it easy to record with any DVB-SAT PCI card.
He also tells me that sadly, the Canal+ Album of the Week show has been cancelled (you might remember that this appearance was supposed to feature an exclusive performances from the band). Thanks Ninjaw!
Friday, 5/20/05

Another BBC Radio One live session.

It seems as if NIN will be playing another Radio One Live Session, this time for the Radio One Rock Show. Their site is advertising the performance as being aired live from Maida Vale (the BBC studios) on the 7th of June.
Most of us know the drill by now, but if you've not tuned into this station before: know that it's available online from the BBC site, but you'll need Realplayer. If you're in the UK, it's accessible from both FM and digital radio. The show goes on air at 1am early Wednesday the 8th of June, despite the site advertising it as being on the Tuesday.
Thanks to ladystardust on Echoing The Sound for noticing this news.

Deluxe Packaging, + lyrics poster update

Samara at Echoing the Sound posted a link to this Toronto Sun article where Trent breaks the news about the upcoming deluxe packaging upgrade for With Teeth, which will be available for the Fall Tour.
"If you want to, you'll be able to buy a real deluxe book that the record fits into. It's a super nice thing that will have a big essay from me and a lot of pictures. It's more of a presentation and the artwork that you have now, that maybe you didn't quite understand, you'll see how it all fits into this. You'll get it."
Some people seem to think that the article insinuates that you'll be buying another copy of the CD, but this is something of a packaging upgrade for fans. For more info, read the article, and stay tuned to
In the mean time, Andrew Quinton's fan-driven lyrics poster group buy still has a few slots left (46 as of this post), and is capping off poster orders at 750. Rather than having to mass refund people for the price drop resultant of getting so many orders, he's upped the poster quality:
I used the extra money from the higher-than-expected sales to go with a higher-quality paper stock, and no one's gonna be disappointed. We're now going with 12-point Cornwall C1S, which is a thick matte paper with a light sheen and a smooth, almost plastic feel. It's not as toothy or rough as the With Teeth CD packaging, and it's way thicker and way nicer than a movie poster's stock. You're gonna have to put some muscle into it if you want to put a tear in your poster, and be forewarned that you're gonna use a lot of scotch tape when putting it up.
A printing of this quality and quantity may not happen again, at least by a guy who's not out to make a quick buck. Get while the gettin's good!

Quake 4

At this years E3 Festivities, Quake 4 had been officially unveiled to gamers everywhere. Trent Reznor did the soundtrack and sound-engineering for the original Quake. And that game kicks ass.
Reznor is not involved in Quake 4. But, a cover of The Mark Has Been Made is featured in the E3 debut video, which you can find on gaming sites everywhere.
Thanks Tony.

The Hand That Feeds Number One on Billboard

The Hand That Feeds has returned to the Number One spot on Billboard's Modern Rock Track list. Last week it dropped to number two, behind Green Day's Dookie, Holiday.
Thanks Tony.

Spin Magazine Poll

Spin Magazine is currently asking readers which Summer Tour they're most excited about. Lest we forget what happened on that MSN poll.
NIN's up against Bonnaroo and some other hippie shit, so hopefully we won't have any trouble with this one. We're currently beating out Warped Tour, but only by a few.
Vote here.
***UPDATE*** 5.22.05 00:45am est
Good job. NINs at 67%.
Thanks EvilDaffodil.
Wednesday, 5/18/05 With Teeth section updates.

The With Teeth section of has updated with non-PDF lyrics, all the teaser clips (nicknamed "blips"), the THTF video, and the With Teeth wallpapers.
If you're having the same issues as I am with logging into the site, try jumping straight to the index.
Thanks to Kurushimi and Ernesto.

Lest the Weezer fans forget...

That MSN Music Poll is still neck in neck, with over 50,000 votes in. Apparently some folks in the Weezer community took notice, and are voting then resetting their cookies or something. Who knows what this poll really does or means, and who really uses MSN Music anyway, but if you feel like re-establishing our earlier gigantic lead in the poll, now is as good a time as any to help out.

Ironic 1993 John Malm interview resurfaces.

"I devised a scam... that's what I want to do for a living." So back in the day, Eric Olsen interviewed John A. Malm, Jr.
It's really not as inflammatory as my creative use of ellipsis might indicate, but as Eric himself says, the interview "now fairly screams of irony." Another choice gem: "You may be able to get away with it for awhile, but eventually it all catches up with you. There are a lot of slimeballs in this business, but it tends to weed itself out."
Okay, so there's a lot more, but you can read it for yourself. This interview was conducted for a book called Networking Music Industry, a book Eric Olsen helped pen back in 1993. Thanks for posting the link on ETS, Janey!

PC Magazine Interview excerpt on ETS.

DrakH has posted an excerpt from an interview he conducted with Trent for PC Magazine on EchoingtheSound, where they discuss the Garageband release and the Hotline/ETS remix competition:
"Trent: "I've heard enough bitching from the Windows camp to include you in on my next project. I'm currently preparing my new single "Only" in a variety of formats. I'm planning on GarageBand, Acid, Live and Pro Tools. By the way, I've personally attempted to convince the other three companies to provide capable FREE builds of their respective software to run this, but was turned down or ignored in all cases, so, unfortunately there is no "free" (legal) option on Windows. The free version of Acid only supports 10 tracks (not enough), Live's 30 day demo disables the ability to export or save your work, and Pro Tools Free (PC and Mac OS9) only supports 8 tracks (I think) - again, not enough for this. Sorry, I tried, really."

Jerome on Numan Album, Billboard, Much Much More

Jerome Dillon is contributing drums on two tracks on the new Gary Numan album. Check out Numan's post here
With Teeth maintained a good standing in the Billboard U.S. Charts, remaining in the Top 5
The Onion A.V. Club has reviewed With Teeth.
Rolling Stone has posted pictures from the Chicago Show.
The lawsuit has been reported by hundreds of newspapers, TV stations, Shockjocks and other people who perpetuate your obsession with celebrities (and their birthdays). confirms Australia dates.

The performance page has updated with confirmation of the three rumoured Australian tour dates:
17-8-05: Melbourne @Rod Laver Area
19-8-05: Sydney @Hordern Pavillion
22-8-05: Brisbane @Entertainment Center
Tickets for these gigs all go on sale Monday May 30th at Ticket Tek.
Tuesday, 5/17/05

With Teeth lyrics at

Whether or not you're having trouble opening the large PDFs from, it's worth noting that the lyrics for all the songs on With Teeth, including the bits that didn't make it on to the album (such as message to no one) are available (and have been for a while, whoops) at the extremely well laid out website Painful Convictions.
Monday, 5/16/05

Reznor vs. Malm in a Showdown of Speed Power

Finally some info about the case between Reznor and his friend & manager, John Malm:
"Trent Reznor testified Monday against his longtime manager, saying he was stunned to learn in 2003 that despite millions of dollars in earnings by his band, Nine Inch Nails, he was left with as little as $400,000 in cash.
"I felt I had an accountant I couldn't trust," he said as he testified against John Malm in a civil trial in U.S. District Court in Manhattan. "
Read more here.
Thanks to Daniel for that link.
And here's some photographic evidence thanks to mark.
Sunday, 5/15/05

New Australia Tour Date.

An insider that works for Brisbane Entertainment Center has confirmed that NIN will be playing the venue on the 22nd of August. Yes, this year.
(Remember that this information is subject to change, as we're not strictly supposed to know about tour dates before they go up on!)
Nice one! Thanks Superjudge!
Saturday, 5/14/05

Collected DVD Details

Renholder sent in some more information on the Collected DVD being given out by radio stations,, et cetera. To copy, paste, and edit what he sent:
[The DVD contains a] Body of Work section identical to the one on TDS Dualdisc, but updated with Halo 18 and 19.
Then there's the featurette. From the descriptions I read of the listening parties, this is what was played on screens at those. The opening is clips from various NIN videos, then it plays clips of every NIN video, Woodstock '94, Closure, AATCHB, etc, all in chronological order, opened by titles like "[1989]" and "THE_PERFECT_DRUG." The quality looks and sounds pretty much flawless. The length of this entire deal is probably under half an hour.
Friday, 5/13/05

...and In The Rest Of The World...

People other than Trent Reznor are actually doing stuff!
Check it out:
"The directors label returns on september 13th 2005 with simultaneous releases from four more of the world's most acclaimed directors; mark romanek, anton corbijn, jonathan glazer & stéphane sednaoui, once again produced by richard brown for palm pictures."
Read more here.
Thank you Joost!
Keith Hillebrandt has a solo album out.
Thanks to Tubeway Vapor!
Charlie Clouser has written the score for the new film, Deepwater. Charlie describes his score as "front porch acoustic slide guitar meets Aphex Twin and Autechre."
You can see this film at The Seattle International Film Festival.
Thank you IronRoad!
And last but not least, the Jackalope site is all new and spiffy.
Thank you mannequin!
You are now returned to your regularly scheduled poop.

THTF Remix Contest Update

Undergone tells us that there is a nice new site for the remix contest, complete with a nice, new deadline.
Thanks to undergone, dalexdesign, and over 450 people for making this super cool "experiment" super cool!
Thursday, 5/12/05

Contest Alert - UK!

Update: It looks like it's a UK only competition - they require a UK address & postcode. Thanks Ian Perge and lou.
Carling Live is featuring a contest to win signed artwork and tickets to one of the sold out UK shows. You will have to register with the site to enter, and we're not sure if it's limited to UK residents only. Try it out, and let us know if it's available to people in the US, too.
Thanks to Owen, Azure, and Greg Macdonald for the info!

Rockfestivals Band of the Week Competition.

Michi emails in, to let us know that he is featuring Nine Inch Nails as their Band of the Week on his site. Consequently, they are running a competition with 3 copies of With Teeth and 3 copies of The Hand That Feeds (which may or may not be the limited German release) up for grabs.
Unfortunately for the majority of us that only speak English, it's in German, so navigation poses a problem. Fortunately, he lets us know that all you have to do is follow the mail link and answer this question:
"which numbered halo is the With Teeth album?"

Good luck to everyone that enters, and a special thank you to Michi for letting us know about this.

With Teeth Lyrics Poster Group Buy

I forgot to post about this, but a fellow on Echoing the Sound is organizing a non-profit group purchase of posters made from the lyrics PDF.
"The price just went down and is now locked at $18 CDN per poster, plus shipping (everyone who ordered before the drop just got refunded the difference), and at present there are still 134 posters left with 8 days to go. All the details and ordering info are at"
Now, standard disclaimer: this is not officially endorsed by Nine Inch Nails nor us at The NIN Hotline, so buy at your own risk. That being said, it does appear to be an authentic, nice effort, to get a high quality print of the poster without paying enormous amounts of money. The posters will be a matte finish on 70lb paper, 36" x 48", full bleed (no white border), rolled and mailed in a 2.5" x 2.5" x 37.25" poster box. Here is the thread where it all started.
Also keep in mind that there's still more in store on the official front, "watch and see." But yeah, this effort seems like a really cool thing, and it will probably only come around once.
(Thanks to konstantin for the photo)

More With Teeth Reviews.

Yes, more reviews. Some are old, some are new, and some are remarkably inaccurate. So it goes.
Kludge Magazine
Detroit News
ntlworld Music
Crud Reviews
Daily Nexus
The Chronicle
Defy Magazine
Splendid Magazine
Drowned In Sound
Thanks to God Reptile, Frances, and Jinx.

Some information about the Collected DVD

I just noticed this DVD with a current bid of $99, and thought I'd remind you of some of the details posted here earlier.
There will be a glut of these DVDs, not only are they being given out for free on, but they will come with magazines, bundled with video games, given out at clubs... all for much less than $99. Usually for free. Save your money.
The DVD contains about a half hour of video clips that you've mostly already seen. We still don't know specific details, but when you get one of these things in your cereal box, we'd love to find out exactly what is on it.
Wednesday, 5/11/05

This August.

Nine Inch Nails will be taking their With Teeth: 2005 Tour to the East Coast of Australia in late August.
According to a reliable source, venues are the Hordern Pavillion in Sydney and the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, with other cities to be confirmed.
Keep in mind that until a press release is sent out to the mainstream media, all details are subject to change.


MP3 player & goody bag from MTV2Europe.
Limited edition, signed artwork from their latest album 'With Teeth' alongside a boxset featuring the new single plus goody bags from NME.
Thanks to people for the info.

Zach de la Rocha? Tapeworm? Probably never...

Yet another MTV interview:
"At the end of the day I figure, if we are going to work together, it's got to be the greatest thing ever. It didn't feel like that to me."
The rest is here.
Thanks to Colin, Chad, brenthols, monica & shawn for the heads up.

Radio One Rock Show Transcription.

It has taken me many many hours. Far too many hours. But I've finally completed the transcription of Trent's Radio One Rock Show appearance. So if you didn't manage to catch the original airing, or the BBC archives, or just didn't want to have to deal with Realplayer, then you can now access the entire two hour show in text form, courtesy of this fair and loving establishment.

With Teeth Best Selling Album in U.S.

Billboard has made it official. With Teeth sold-ah 272,000 copies last week, making it The #1 album on the Billbord Charts. "The Hand That Feeds" is at No. 2 on Billboard's Modern Rock Songs chart.
This is Nine Inch Nails second #1 album. The Fragile also held the position in 1999.
Thank You to about 272,000 people!
Read about it on Billboard, MTV, Canoe, or Yahoo!.
Thanks siNNer and Nincompoop and especially TheJP.

Pollbusting time.

NIN are losing to Weezer and drawing with just above some dude that has an album called "Honkytonk Music" (Toby Keith!?) in a poll on They want to know which artist should be June's Artist of the Month. The last winner was Mariah Carey. The Hotline doesn't condone poll breaking, but we do enjoy watching it happen. You know what to do.
Thanks Ryan!
Current positions:
NIN - 45%
Toby Keith - 4%
Stevie Wonder - 12%
Weezer - 37%
Aimee Mann - 2%.
*Update #2*
Yay! Nine Inch Nails have 39%, putting them 2% ahead of Weezer, and thus, they are currently in the lead. Good work everyone! But keep voting.
*Update #3*
A few people emailed in to say that Weezer pulled ahead again, but by the time I got up this morning, they were standing at the updated figures above. We've no idea when this poll closes, so it might be a good idea to keep voting, just in case!

BBC 6 Music interviews Trent.

Trent was interviewed for UK digital radio station BBC 6 Music by the one and only Bruce Dickinson earlier this week. Lucky for us, because 99% of NIN fans seemed to have missed the interview, BBC Online archives each show (RealPlayer needed).
Thanks to Dave for telling us in the first place, and then coming back to kick our arses in gear for a second time.
Tuesday, 5/10/05

Contest alert - Tickets for Philly!!

Radio station Y100Rocks is currently featuring a contest that gives you the opportunity to win tickets for the May 18th show in Philadelphia, along with a chance to meet Reznor. The details on how to enter are at the website linked above, and it ends this Friday, May 13th.
Thank you to Volk for the heads up.

German Release Parties

Universal Rock, a German website, has posted the following dates and locations for release parties:
11.05.2005 Leipzig - Moritzbastei
13.05.2005 Stuttgart - Club Prag
13.05.2005 Zwickau - BPM club
13.05.2005 Aachen - Nightlife
14.05.2005 Berlin - Insel Treptow
14.05.2005 Herford - X-Herford
19.05.2005 Oberhausen - Eisenlager
20.05.2005 Nürnberg - Loop
20.05.2005 Oberhausen - Eisenlager
20.05.2005 Dresden - Strasse E
21.05.2005 Nürnberg - Loop
27.05.2005 Oldenburg - Amadeus - 2 Jahre Testbild ft. NIN
28.05.2005 Aachen - Musikbunker - Oomph-Day

Thank you to drugprfct for emailing us the info.

New Carré Callaway Interview

niCk recently conducted an interview with Carré Callaway, the musician who opened for NIN during the first few dates of the current tour. She discusses working with Reznor and the NIN camp, NIN fans' reactions to her performance, and the status of her debut EP.
Thank you to niCk for the hook up!

WITH_TEETH Debuts at #1

According to HITS Daily Double, With Teat will be debuting this week at the top of the Billboard album charts with sales of approximately 274,000. The Billboard chart will be updated on Thursday.
Thank you to Mafu and Ivan Zethnyx.

PitchforkMedia finally reviews With Teeth.

"Reznor kicks off With Teeth with "All the Love in the World", and it seems as if he's gonna go spelunking up his colon one more time-- ninth-grade poetry in tow. You could read the track as a response to his fading celebrity in the wake of countless imitators' successes-- "No one's heard a single word I've said/ They don't sound as good outside my head". The track begins pensively, with a wet drum machine beat punctuated by some piano notes, and Reznor asking the question on no one's mind-- "Why do you get all the love in the world?" And then comes the disco break."

Pitchfork Media finally get around to reviewing With Teeth.
Thanks go to Riley on Echoing The Sound!

NIN at MTV Movie Awards

Entertainment Weekly reports that Nine Inch Nails will be among the acts performing at this year's MTV Movie Awards, which airs on June 9. Thanks Ebeast82 for pointing this out.
Saturnine adds " are currently running a competition to win tickets and a trip to LA, so if you're in the US and you want to go, I suggest entering!"

MTV interviews Trent.

There's a brand new interview with Trent up on
"When it came time to pick the best of the best and arrange them in the studio, I found a lot of the space the piano took up sat nicely," says Reznor. "It was an odd sound with violent live drums and this cold, brittle environment of a piano to anchor everything together."

Thanks to Meredith, Michael, Chamoni, and Matt for all sending the link in.

Picture Disc and Astoria Lithograph available to buy.

The 10" picture disc has been made available to buy once more in the merch store.
Not only that, but the London Astoria lithographs obviously didn't sell out at the March gigs, because some have suddenly popped up for sale (limited availability - one per customer for $24.99). It's one of the coolest posters out there, so if I were you, I'd snap one up. Nothing like a little NIN London chic to impress your friends.
Thanks to Chris and everyone else who let us know about this.

With Teeth storms AudioScrobbler charts.

Audioscrobbler is a site that
"builds a profile of your musical taste using a plugin for your media player (Winamp, iTunes, XMMS etc..). Plugins send the name of every song you play to the Audioscrobbler server, which updates your musical profile with the new song."

They also have charts that show what exactly is being listened to by the collective mass of their users. With Teeth happens to be dominating that chart - with The Hand That Feeds being the most popular.
Thanks to everyone that sent in this awesome news.
Monday, 5/09/05

James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem comments on Reznor

In a recent interview orchestrated by Pitchfork, James Murphy of The DFA and LCD Soundsystem reviews several of his favorite songs.
Closer happens to be one of these songs, yet he avoids discussion of any NIN song specifically. Murphy has a lot to say about Trent Reznor as an artist, including his interest in collaborating with Reznor. It's sort of interesting, if you're into that kind of thing.
Thanks everyone. Especially Saturnine, for pointing out my faults as a literate human being.

MTV2 Europe competition.

There's a competition on the front page of the MTV2 Europe website. You have to register on the site to enter, but there's a chance of winning a very cool Sony NWE405 Flash Memory Walkman and a bag full of NIN goodies, so it's worth the one minute it takes to sign up.
Thanks go to John for this piece of news!
Sunday, 5/08/05

Yet More With Teeth Reviews.

Folks have been busy and found more reviews than we know what to do with:
Jam Showbiz Music
Live Daily
IGN Music
Get Out!
Statesman (The original version is here, but you'll need bugmenot)
Thanks to God Reptile and Enzo!

With Teeth hits #3 in the UK album charts!

According to the BBC Radio 1 Album Chart, With Teeth has debuted at number three, and is the highest selling new album in the UK! Awesome stuff.
Thanks to the guys in #ets for this one.

Norway and Ireland With Teeth chart positions.

With Teeth is currently positioned at #17 in Norway and #7 in Ireland. The UK charts update at around 7pm BST, and likewise, other album charts haven't been updated since the album was released. We're expecting more positions to appear as the day progresses.
You can check out the worldwide album chart positions for yourself at (Thanks Eivind & Shreena!)

#16 in Finland!

With Teeth has debuted at number 16 in the official Finnish charts.
Thanks ninklas!

A Plethora of Reviews.

Lots and lots of interesting With Teeth reviews have been flooding into the Hotline inbox this past week. (English Translation - thanks Gutner!)
All Music (English Translation - thanks Scero!)
Stylus Magazine
Calgary Herald
Atlanta-Journal Constitution
The Desert Sun also gave a cracking review of Nine Inch Nails's Coachella performance, albeit with a song title mistake.
Pitchfork Media remain oddly silent. It must be a new experience - using their thesaurus' to look up positive words to describe an album.
But anyway, a great big claustraphobic thanks to you guys, the hoards, that sent in these reviews. Please keep them coming.

With Teeth debuts at #10 in Australia

With Teeth has debuted at number 10 in the Australian album charts.
Thanks to Cal and tallspinner for this news!
Saturday, 5/07/05

The Dresden Dolls are so nice!

At, there is information regarding a contest for tickets to see The Dresden Dolls, including their shows opening for NIN. All the rules are there, and it sounds like fun!
Thanks to Owen for the email!
Friday, 5/06/05

UltimateGuitarReview of With_Teeth

A brief review of With_Teat, courtesy of Ultimate Guitar magazine.
It even lets you submit your own review. Go on, compare it to Yngwie Malmsteen. You want to.
Thx to halofourteen for the e-mail.

TinyMixTapes reviews With Teeth.

Not really. Actually they don't say anything at all about it, except that they downloaded it and deleted it. There are music critics, and then there are internet music critics. (And then there are internet fan site webmasters. This is a descending scale.) Thanks for the link, Tim!
Anyway, we have a lot more reviews, positive and not-so-much, being compiled into our new article archive, from all over the world, but we're waiting until we have a fair amount of content before we launch that. Thanks to everyone who has sent links or transcriptions of articles.


ALESSANDRO CORTINI! answers a question in nine inch nails: access.
Thanks to Cubicz for the notice. Also on that page may or may not be some breasts and a LOOOOT of Nine Inch Nails related Spanish.
Thursday, 5/05/05

SickAmongthePure :: May.2005

Amidst all the furor and activity surrounding the new Nine Inch Nails release, SickAmongthePure has quietly gone live with the May issue.
We'll keep it short, since you're busy catching up on all things NIN, but drop by to take a gander at SATP's new look, and indulge in arguably our best issue yet, including an exclusive new interview with none other than Ogre of Skinny Puppy, and so much more, including new interviews with Imperative Reaction, Collide and much, much more. access updated again

You can check out all kinds of new Q&A at with some bits about Nothing, the next album, new merch, another Garageband release, and what gets played before shows. And I must note that I personally take (glib!) delight in the fact that they play Crass before NIN shows.

THTF ETS/Hotline Remix Update

Check out this thread on Echoing The Sound to for tons of details on entering your remix to win a 12" promo of The Hand That Feeds (and some other stuff). Special thanks to undergone for picking up on my slack. You can check out all the submitted fan mixes at this website. Apparently the contest ends at midnight tonite. Better wrap things up!

5-7 Working Days Postal Time.

Congratulations to the winners of the Australasian NIN Hotline Contest.
The answers, in no particular order, were:
- Twice
- Claudia Sarne and Toni Halliday
- Rob Sheridan
- The DFA are Tim Goldsworthy and James Murphy.
- Halo 19 is missing.
The winners, in a particular order, are:
- Megan (sickamongthepure) - CD+Laminate
- James - CD+Laminate
- Julls - Laminate
- Mafu - Laminate
Thanks to everyone for entering!
Remember, if you're in the greater Sydney area, come along to the Newcastle "With_Teeth" launch, to go in the draw to win more albums, posters and vinyl goodies from the nice folks at Necropolis and UMG.
Wednesday, 5/04/05

More Hot Topic News

Update: Ok, so maybe the Hot Topic website does have it in stock. I don't know. Just keep checking.
While the Hot Topic website says that the 10" picture disc is sold out, you may have luck finding it at the nearest store since each has their own inventory.
They are stocking other NIN merchandise. Most of this can be also found at the official merch site, but there are a couple more shirts for females. The only girl shirt that the official site has is the "Star Fucker" tank top (by the way, what's up with that?).
Thanks to everyone who took the time to share the info.

Win Stuff! Really! (Australasia only, k thx)

As we mentioned earlier, we've got some goodies to giveaway.
If you live in Australia and New Zealand, and answer these five questions correctly by 5pm EST, you'll go in the draw to win a copy of "With_Teeth"
and a promotional laminate, courtesy of Interscope/Universal Australia.
1) What are the names of the two men behind the Brooklyn remixers who are currently touching-up "Only"?
2) Name the significant others of Atticus Ross + Alan Moulder.
3) Who designs NIN's website + imagery?
4) Name the times that Nine Inch Nails has toured Australia.
5) What number is missing from the first pressing of With_Teeth in Australia?
Send those answers into
Uber-props to the guys at UMG.

#1 Album on iTunes, vinyl at Hot Topic, and reviews

On both the Main & Alt. Rock charts.
How boss is that??
*The Hot Topic website is no longer listing the vinyl.
Thanks to a million different people for that one.
*New interview at The Boston Globe
More reviews:
The Mercury News (Philly)

And for the naysayers (you know what/who you are):
The Independant (UK)

Instant Reviews (Now With New And Improved Lawn)

Lots of fun reviews out there:
Metacritic Compilation
All Music Guide
Aftonbladet (Swedish)
Houston Chronicle (Texan)
Also, we've heard that there are more teaser videos sprinkled over, but honestly, it's a bit tough to keep track. Poke around the site, I'm sure you'll find something interesting.
In other news, we've gotten some reports that the CD-checks at the with teeth home page have been improved, so if you had problems yesterday, you should give it a shot.
Update: Here are a couple more up in your eyeballs, thanks to Sheryl and RidleyGriffyn.
Washington Post
Dirty Bloggetry

10" Picture Disc at Hot Topic

As predicted, Hot Topic is now carrying the 10" Vinyl Picture Disc that previously sold out at the preorder site. This picture disc features the single The Hand That Feeds and Home, a non-album track.
Thanks to everyone who let us know!
Tuesday, 5/03/05

Official NYC Release Party Information

So this showed up in my email (don't forget, when you're sending news, use the submit news button, because I am not the only person who can update this page, and my staff, they're cool as shit) and I thought I'd share:
AddVICE, Interscope Records & SPIN Magazine proudly present the official Nine Inch Nails "With Teeth" release party!
With NIN giveaways, plus free copies of the new SPIN magazine with Trent Reznor on the cover (on newsstands now).
The party will feature special guest DJs Marc Spitz - of Spin magazine, author of this month's NIN coverstory & Ben Cho (fashion designer & ex-goth!), along with resident DJs Apocalypse Chow (Madison Strays) & Mr. Blackli$t (Rockstar Games) & Shealkillyou (200% Rad)+ Helen Forsdale (Prosaics), with an installation by Anthony Macbain.
All this fun shit is going down Thursday May 5th at Happy Ending, 302 Broome (& Forsyth) 10pm-4am, with no cover charge. If you missed out on the free stuff at the listening parties in NY, now you can go make up for it.

Why no booklet? Huh? HUH?!

You can read the answer for yourself at the access page, updated today.

You keep looking but you can't find the score

But wait, now you can! And it's Right Where It Belongs.

With Teeth Page Update Part Deux's With Teat page has been updated, and no longer requires the cd! Woo! It features two versions of a pdf file: one for viewing, and another for printing. On the file there are lyrics, artwork, and credits.
Included are lyrics for Home, a bonus track on the import version of the album. And if you look hard enough there are lyrics to songs that have, so far, not been released. Muy interesante.
Thank you to everyone who emailed with the new info.

Oh, yeah, it's on iTunes too.

With Teethicon has been available for purchase on iTunes as of about midnight. Thanks to everyone who sent in the news.

With Teeth Page Updated has updated their With Teat page, the website address that's printed on the cd package labeled "Complete Information". But here's the catch: you need both a mailing list login AND the cd to access the info. Have fun, those of you who already have a copy! Bastards.
Update: Sam Curtis has informed us that some editions of the cd are not working properly with the website. The U.S. copies are fine, but the ones from Australia, Japan, and the U.K. aren't. It may be just a problem with the CD authentification that the site uses. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Remix magazine transcript, Circus magazine polls

You can now read the Remix interview here.
Thanks very much to aa3 for the transcript!
Also, Nine Inch Nails is featured in a couple of polls at the very colorful Circus magazine website; get your sunglasses and vote!
Thanks to everyone who let us know.

A Weekend in the Desert

Pictures from NIN's performance at this weekend's Coachella festival can be found at both Getty Images and
Thanks to fu2zi and Christ, my personal lord and saviour, for the links.

With Teeth Officially Released

With Teat is officially in stores today in the U.S., so if you haven't gotten your copy GO GET IT NOW! If you've already pre-ordered it, or you live in country that's had it in stores for a month already, well, good for you. You must be so proud of yourself.
Monday, 5/02/05

This French Week

The best Nine Inch Nails fan in all of France, ninjaw, has supplied us with the following list of NIN related events happening in France this week.
  • Mon-Fri: On MCM JournalDelaMusique Trent is "star of the week" with exclusive 5 part video interview
  • OuiFM will have it available in many streams
  • Mcm will put .mmv's online next week
  • Sunday OuiFM will host the full interview in another show
  • Halo 19 in France. See some scans.
  • Digital Rock Vision 12 will have Trent on the DVD cover
  • Merch Ahoy finally launched its promised merch section today, and they're even selling that Still CD. Go buy stuff!
    Also, there's another one of those teaser clips ("Right Where It Belongs") on the main page, for the four people who don't have the album yet.
    Sunday, 5/01/05

    It's a beautiful daaay....

    13,000 copies of With Teeth have been sold in Australia in two days.
    Yes, that's right - less than 15 hours of trading in select CD stores around mainland Australia has yielded 13,000 sales for UMG.
    To celebrate the unprecedented demand for the latest NIN album, UMG has given The NIN Hotline a couple of copies of With Teeth to give away, along with a box of posters and laminates.
    More details to come.

    New Zealand [expletive] interview

    Scott Kara of the New Zealand Herald interviews Trent Reznor. The article includes the following gem regarding the departure of Robin Finck:
    "Robin Finck [was] getting paid loads of money to hang out with Axl Rose and his house was getting paid for. You know what, [expletive] you," he spews.

    You can read the rest here.
    Thanks Dave.

    with_teeth reviewed by Virus.

    "The rumors that were going on upfront - more rock, less industrial - are not really wrong, but not principally and overall right either. NIN is still NIN, but - compared to the opaque "Fragile" adventure - much more tidied up, straight, and to the point."
    Virus - one of the more intelligent and straightforward zines floating around the intarweb - has posted a fantastic review of TR's latest masterpiece.
    Check it out, with thanks to William.