Thursday May 12, 2005

With Teeth Lyrics Poster Group Buy

I forgot to post about this, but a fellow on Echoing the Sound is organizing a non-profit group purchase of posters made from the lyrics PDF.

"The price just went down and is now locked at $18 CDN per poster, plus shipping (everyone who ordered before the drop just got refunded the difference), and at present there are still 134 posters left with 8 days to go. All the details and ordering info are at http://www.werewolffeet.com/poster."

Now, standard disclaimer: this is not officially endorsed by Nine Inch Nails nor us at The NIN Hotline, so buy at your own risk. That being said, it does appear to be an authentic, nice effort, to get a high quality print of the poster without paying enormous amounts of money. The posters will be a matte finish on 70lb paper, 36" x 48", full bleed (no white border), rolled and mailed in a 2.5" x 2.5" x 37.25" poster box. Here is the thread where it all started.

Also keep in mind that there's still more in store on the official front, "watch and see." But yeah, this effort seems like a really cool thing, and it will probably only come around once.

(Thanks to konstantin for the photo)