Wednesday May 18, 2005

PC Magazine Interview excerpt on ETS.

DrakH has posted an excerpt from an interview he conducted with Trent for PC Magazine on EchoingtheSound, where they discuss the Garageband release and the Hotline/ETS remix competition:

"Trent: "I've heard enough bitching from the Windows camp to include you in on my next project. I'm currently preparing my new single "Only" in a variety of formats. I'm planning on GarageBand, Acid, Live and Pro Tools. By the way, I've personally attempted to convince the other three companies to provide capable FREE builds of their respective software to run this, but was turned down or ignored in all cases, so, unfortunately there is no "free" (legal) option on Windows. The free version of Acid only supports 10 tracks (not enough), Live's 30 day demo disables the ability to export or save your work, and Pro Tools Free (PC and Mac OS9) only supports 8 tracks (I think) - again, not enough for this. Sorry, I tried, really."