Wednesday May 25, 2005


MusiquePlus, a french Canadian music television channel, will be airing an episode of Exposé featuring NIN.

"Five years have passed since the release of the double album "The Fragile." Trent Reznor, the leader of the group Nine Inch Nails, did not have an easy life during these years; he sunk into a hell of drugs and needed to be cured by detoxication. After long reflection, Trent rediscovered the capacity of music and realized at which point what was important in his life. This is why he recruited an all-new band and now NIN returns strongly to us with the album "With Teeth."

It will air on Saturday @ 7:30pm, Sunday @ 5pm, and Monday @ 1pm (eastern time).

Merci to manu, Alexis Pinsonneault, and Susan Cormier for the translation!