Friday May 27, 2005

Reznor Wins: Flawless Victory

Bad news for John Malm fans: Trent Reznor (of Nine Inch Nails) was victorious across the board in the case against his former manager!

NIN WINS: As always happens on the eve of a three-day weekend, it's been a slow 24 hours for news...except for Trent Reznor. As an encore to his pullout from the MTV Movie Awards (see below), the Nine Inch Nails auteur Reznor today won a resounding victory over former manager and Nothing partner John Malm in a New York Federal court. The jury awarded Reznor on every single claim in his suit, including fraud and breach of fiduciary duty, adding up to $3 million, but interest calculations could potentially double the amount, leaving Malm looking at the possibility of bankruptcy. Reznor also regains 100% control ofhis trademarks.

Nice way to start the weekend!