Wednesday May 11, 2005

Pollbusting time.

NIN are losing to Weezer and drawing with just above some dude that has an album called "Honkytonk Music" (Toby Keith!?) in a poll on MSNmusic.com. They want to know which artist should be June's Artist of the Month. The last winner was Mariah Carey. The Hotline doesn't condone poll breaking, but we do enjoy watching it happen. You know what to do.

Thanks Ryan!


Current positions:

NIN - 45%
Toby Keith - 4%
Stevie Wonder - 12%
Weezer - 37%
Aimee Mann - 2%.

*Update #2*

Yay! Nine Inch Nails have 39%, putting them 2% ahead of Weezer, and thus, they are currently in the lead. Good work everyone! But keep voting.

*Update #3*

A few people emailed in to say that Weezer pulled ahead again, but by the time I got up this morning, they were standing at the updated figures above. We've no idea when this poll closes, so it might be a good idea to keep voting, just in case!