Friday May 20, 2005

Deluxe Packaging, + lyrics poster update

Samara at Echoing the Sound posted a link to this Toronto Sun article where Trent breaks the news about the upcoming deluxe packaging upgrade for With Teeth, which will be available for the Fall Tour.

"If you want to, you'll be able to buy a real deluxe book that the record fits into. It's a super nice thing that will have a big essay from me and a lot of pictures. It's more of a presentation and the artwork that you have now, that maybe you didn't quite understand, you'll see how it all fits into this. You'll get it."

Some people seem to think that the article insinuates that you'll be buying another copy of the CD, but this is something of a packaging upgrade for fans. For more info, read the article, and stay tuned to nin.com.

In the mean time, Andrew Quinton's fan-driven lyrics poster group buy still has a few slots left (46 as of this post), and is capping off poster orders at 750. Rather than having to mass refund people for the price drop resultant of getting so many orders, he's upped the poster quality:

I used the extra money from the higher-than-expected sales to go with a higher-quality paper stock, and no one's gonna be disappointed. We're now going with 12-point Cornwall C1S, which is a thick matte paper with a light sheen and a smooth, almost plastic feel. It's not as toothy or rough as the With Teeth CD packaging, and it's way thicker and way nicer than a movie poster's stock. You're gonna have to put some muscle into it if you want to put a tear in your poster, and be forewarned that you're gonna use a lot of scotch tape when putting it up.

A printing of this quality and quantity may not happen again, at least by a guy who's not out to make a quick buck. Get while the gettin's good!