Saturday May 14, 2005

Collected DVD Details

Renholder sent in some more information on the Collected DVD being given out by radio stations, nin.com, et cetera. To copy, paste, and edit what he sent:

[The DVD contains a] Body of Work section identical to the one on TDS Dualdisc, but updated with Halo 18 and 19.

Then there's the featurette. From the descriptions I read of the listening parties, this is what was played on screens at those. The opening is clips from various NIN videos, then it plays clips of every NIN video, Woodstock '94, Closure, AATCHB, etc, all in chronological order, opened by titles like "[1989]" and "THE_PERFECT_DRUG." The quality looks and sounds pretty much flawless. The length of this entire deal is probably under half an hour.