Thursday, 7/29/04

Webcam archives updated

A few things concerning the Webcam Archive.
07.28.04 Image Gallery for the activity on webcam 2 added.
07.28.04 Webcam 2 video archive added.
Note: There was only activity on webcam 2 today. Webcam 1 was not active.
07.29.04 Image Gallery for the activity on webcam 1 added.
07.29.04 Webcam 1 video archive added. (no activity on 2 for the 29th, backwards eh?)
Section with video segments of specific activity is now online. Currently the only segments online are the Dave Grohl segments.
Tuesday, 7/27/04

Southland Tales

The IMDb entry for the next Richard Kelly movie, Southland Tales, lists, under "Original Music," both Trent Reznor and Moby. You may know of Richard Kelly from his previous film, Donnie Darko.
The music currently on the Southland Tales website is Moby. Thanks for the info, Slade!

I know who Annie is

Over at Perfect Isolation, Nayl Girl scanned and OCR'd an interview from an upcoming issue of Alternative Press. In Geoff Rickly's interview with Trent Reznor, he talks about his old sweetheart, how the Fragility tour was an awful time, what's been playing in his stereo, and more. A fun read, check it out.
Monday, 7/26/04

Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead & Moby: Modern-Day Mozarts?

KingJPlay at Echoing the Sound spotted copies of And All That Could Have Been and Amnesiac at his University Bookstore, and upon looking further, found that at The University of Oklahoma offered a freshmen-level cultural investigation course called The Music of Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead & Moby: Modern-day Mozarts?
The blurb offered for the class:
What do these groups have in common? Can we describe their commonalities musically? If so, where did these musical elements come from? Can they be traced or placed in historical context? Can these same elements be found in other contemporary American musical genres such as minimalism, film scores, and orchestral music? Explore how relationships among musical groups, musical styles, and historical musical contexts relate to each other in this seminar that will include listening, writing, and communicating your thoughts with other class members.
Though offered last year and the year before, this course is not available this year.

Tweaker to release Doom3 Theme 7"

As previously reported, Chris Vrenna and Clint Walsh recorded the theme song for Doom 3 - which hits the US on August 3rd, and Europe (among other places) on the 13th. Vrenna only worked on the theme, but the jury's still out on the sound design, which Trent Reznor put work into for a while before working full-time on Bleed Through.
On the subject of the theme:
"We asked Chris to create a modern DOOM 3 theme song that reflected the character and intensity of DOOM3, and we couldn't be happier with the final product," said Todd Hollenshead, CEO, id Software. "Chris and id have shared a mutual appreciation for each others work, and it was exciting to be able to team up on something that fans of both id and Vrenna will appreciate."
Side A of the 7" will be the theme song, produced by noted producer- composers Chris Vrenna and Clint Walsh. Side B will be a previously unavailable Teargas & Plateglass remix of Tweaker "Crude Sunlight" featuring Jennifer Charles (of Elysian Fields fame). The first 500 copies will be signed by Chris Vrenna and Clint Walsh and will be available as a pre-order at Noon PST on Monday, July 26th (that's really soon, folks) at the Waxploitation store.

NIN Spotting.

The new album by the Dillinger Escape Plan came out last week to great reviews, and many of the reviews compare them to Nine Inch Nails. (Bear with me here. Especially you, Travis.) While most of the album keeps to their chaotic hardcore (i.e. all screaming, all the time) roots, check out the track "Phone Home," it's pretty wicked. If you dig it, give the album a shot. As a whole, it's a different direction than the usual stuff you find next to NIN albums. If you can, go to a record store that lets you listen before you buy, or can borrow the disc from a friend - don't just take my word for it.
Also of note, Greg Puciato takes vocal duties for this album - you might remember him from Error. Their previous EP had Mike Patton handling vocals, and included a cover of Aphex Twin's "Come to Daddy." The drummer's reportedly a big fan of NIN & Aphex Twin. Given what I've heard and what I've heard of them, I felt compelled to mention them. Moving on...

Fund Drive update

A huge thanks to everyone who's contributed and helped us out here. The letters and emails have been a real delight to read. A few people have asked for my contact info, since it kinda got bumped off after all that Dave Grohl news. It's actually still listed in the July archive. While donations are always welcome, I won't be bugging you folks for money again for a while. Thanks for keeping this page fun and ad-free.

Jakalope website updates...

We have had a number of emails about the recent updates to the Jakalope website. We don't want to spoil the fun - if you don't feel like playing around with the site, that's what Flash decompilers are all about - but if you dig around, there are new wallpapers, and a clip of a remix of "Pretty Life," the first single off the album.
Pretty Life has been getting airplay on Canadian radio stations, but if you're not in range of Canadian radio stations, you can hear it as the background music to the Orange Record Label website, home to Jakalope. If you're tricky, you can actually find the directory where they keep the MP3s they stream to the front page.

Korn + Linkin Park = Nine Inch Nails?

Remember when both Korn and AFI were covering Head Like a Hole, but that AFI got their cover out first and word was that Korn were perhaps scrapping their recording? Well, this Blabbermouth report on the October 11 release of Korn's "Greatest Hits" album mentions other songs "recorded for possible inclusion on the CD," including "NINE INCH NAILS' "Head Like A Hole" (featuring a guest appearance by LINKIN PARK's Chester Bennington)."
If you can't wait to hear Chester belt out Nine Inch Nails tunes, it's widely reported that Linkin Park has a thing for covering both Wish and Something I Can Never Have during live performances.

Danny Lohner Spotting

Bracturne wrote in to let us know that "Both Danny Lohner and the artist formally known as Twiggy Ramirez appear the the Metallica documentary 'Some Kind Of Monster'. It was footage of both of them trying out to be the new Metallica bassist from 2 years ago."
Fernando summed a few Danny items up nicely in one email. To wit:
- at, in the "quick news on..." it talks about how some upcoming Matt Damon Movie [Wicker Park] will have Danny Lohner and Johnette Napolitano redoing Coldplay's song "The Scientist".
- Blabbermouth reported on Danny Lohner's remixing of A Perfect Circle's entire Thirteenth Step album - his remix of The Outsider can be found on the upcoming Resident Evil: Apocalypse soundtrack, along with Danny's remix of Rob Zombie's Girl on Fire The remix album is due this coming November.
An additional thanks to howisya!
Wednesday, 7/21/04

Access update

The "access" page of was updated today with more answers to your questions.
Monday, 7/19/04

International NIN Sites?

quasar reminded me that I was going to reinstate links via flags to international Nine Inch Nails sites. Looking at my bookmarks though, a good number of those Polish, French, Brazilian, German (and others) sites are no more. Nonetheless, I'm sure there are decent sites out there that are hosted in other countries. If you know of any that you think should be linked from this site, please, email me and let me know. Thanks!
P.S. I already have pretty good idea of which Russian site to link

Webcam archives updated extensively

Alot of things have been changing at the webcam archives.
The graphic interface has been completely redone. All videos previously emailed and otherwise created from the webcam images are fully downloadable. Archives through july 17th are online.
For all of you who participated in the mailing list, thank you for your time and interest. I apologize to everyone who was turned down. There was alot of chaos and I am excited to be able to have a place to host everything for immediate download for all that are interested.
edit: 07/18 image gallery added - additions to the video archives .. data cd/dvd ordering system operational
edit: 07/20 image gallery added. -- video for cam 1 and 2 added.
edit: 07/21 image gallery added. -- video for cam 1 and 2 added.

updates will continue indefinitely. updates will be online within 48 hours of the period of webcam activity. my leaving ets doesn't change that.

Doom3 Theme Song by Tweaker available online

If you watch gaming news at all, you probably know that the Official Doom 3 Website went online recently, and that it hosts a clip of the Doom 3 theme song. Well, if you head over to Tweaker's Page, you can listen to the full track. Doom 3 is due out August 3rd in the US, August 13th elsewhere.
Saturday, 7/17/04

Get yourself on the webcam.

Two cameras are going on again, and one of them is pointed outside. Recognize that hot, muggy street corner? There's an offer on at the moment over at Echoing the Sound;
I'll give you 20 bucks (in the mail) if you can get on there with an plug.
Get a piece of paper, write on it
And walk your happy ass down there and give us a big grin. 20 bucks, no flood control, and I'll give you a random selection of old paper off my desk.

Of course, this offer is only open to the first person to do it, and you have to moon the camera to really get the money. Pressed up against the window.
So if you're willing to make a fool of yourself out on what may or may not be Magazine St in front of Nothing Studios, this is your chance to make some easy money. This is also a chance to get your bare ass on
Thursday, 7/15/04

It's that time again.

In case you missed out lastnight, there are now two cameras running simultaneously at, and they're both active now.
You've seen the banter at echoing the sound, but you might want to check out the discussions at (digital noise) and Perfect Isolation as well. Mix it up, and all that. If you really wanna be different, Blur of Serenity is worth chattering in, and has more boobie pics. So I hear.
Tuesday, 7/13/04

...and the webcam's on again.

Check out the auto-refresh page set up courtesy Symphony of Noise, who is probably capturing a good lot of this stuff automatically.
If you want to talk about what you're seeing, there's a big mess of a thread just getting started right here at Echoing the Sound.

Closure DVD, The Downward Spiral in 5.1, Dave Grohl

...and more. nin:access has been updated with a lot of enticing news.

Receive Webcam videos in your email

Don't feel like sitting around waiting for's webcam to go live, or just tired of the refresh button on your browser? Visit this site to sign up for a mailing list to receive AVI format videos compiled from the webcam images over the last few days. Your email inbox must be able to handle 10mb attachments. For more information, read about it on the site itself. Thanks to Symphony of Noise for this service!

Jakalope Updates - New Single playing in Canada

You may or may not have noticed that the website for Jakalope has made some subtle updates in the last week or two. I only like to spoil so much fun myself, but click around after the timer runs out, and you should find some stuff. If you're into cheating, there's a lot of discussion about what's there and what's not there in this message board thread.
Some of the more evident links pulled from that thread: Jakalope's record label, Orange Records, in Canada rather than the US, has a website, here. Katie B. (who showed up on the webcam lastnight, among other places -- Hi Katie B!) has a webpage too, right here. On it, she mentions that Jakalope's first single, "Pretty Life," has been released to, well, CFOX in Vancouver. So if you live in or near Vancouver, call CFOX at 1-877-FOX-ROCKS and request Pretty Life by Jakalope.
Monday, 7/12/04

You Are Watching the Genius of James Brown

That's right, the webcam is up again (for now). If you want to catch up on what you missed, visit the Nine Inch Nails forum at Echoing the Sound.
No, not that James Brown. This James Brown. (I think. Thank you Scapegoat Pariah)
And if you click on the James Brown discography on that page, you'll see that the first item listed is the mix for the forthcoming Nine Inch Nails DVD. Good eye, Preston Jarvis!
Sunday, 7/11/04

Don't look now, but the webcam's online again.

Click here to open up the camera page. Refresh at your own convenience. Thanks for the heads up, stglowclub.
Saturday, 7/10/04

Dave Grohl Drumming for NIN?

"ScreamingCube" is a fan of a band called The Exies, and noticed the following piece of info in their studio journal from their website:
Man, I love Fridays at Sound City! Last week, we had a great barbeque with Queens of the Stone Age and this week we come in to see Dave Grohl playing drums for Nine Inch Nails, is that a trip or what?! I guess Trent Reznor is going for real drums this time around. Good call, I say. Anyway, enough of the name dropping (sorry, i'm still a huge fan myself!) but it is pretty cool to be around these guys.
Maybe that's who was allegedly drumming on the webcam last night while I was asleep. webcam activity

Last night, around 2am EST, some attentive folks noticed that the webcam went live again. From the still shots, it was hard to make out what was going on between the studio shots. Generally, people agreed it was Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross at the mixing desk. Someone put together a video of sorts from captures of the webcam, and the "video" makes it a little more clear that someone was drumming on the webcam.
Missed all this? Check out this Echoing the Sound thread for screen caps and discussion on the topic.
Updated ~3pm: On the prior mentioned thread, Whoroscope postulated that it was Dave Grohl smiling into the camera after a drum session. Well, following a post on Perfect Isolation to the official website of The Exies, there is a new Studio Diary entry for 7/9/2004. Here's an excerpt:
7-9-04 Sound City Studios Van Nuys, CA.
Man, I love Fridays at Sound City! Last week, we had a great barbeque with Queens of the Stone Age and this week we come in to see Dave Grohl playing drums for Nine Inch Nails, is that a trip or what?!

Interesting, no?
Wednesday, 7/07/04

That Great NIN Hotline Fund Drive

It's been a couple of years since I've done this, and I hate doing things, but as things are going right now I kind of have to.
Through thick and thin, we've brought you a site chock full of features and news about Nine Inch Nails and related bands and projects, all without having to sell ads or having to push vendors on you. I've given thought to quitting this whole thing many times in the past year, but so many people make such a case for this site to keep going, no matter what the environment.
Our traffic seems to double every year. I think our latest peak was in May, when we took in over four million hits from 91,862 different viewers. Between The Meathead Perspective, the NIN Historian, the News & Article Archives, Halo Ninetynine, Know the Score, our exclusive giveaways and interviews, I think we manage to bring a lot to the table for a fan run site.
What I'm asking you for now, is if you've got $1 to spare... I need some help with the expense of hosting all this stuff. A lot of crap has come up this year that I hadn't planned for.
Anyway, if everyone who visits this site sends in a dollar, that would be insane. If half of you send in a dollar, I will not do another fund drive for years.
If you want to help us out here, paypal a donation to , or send something to my home address:
Matt Dunphy
920 Plane St, Apt 4105
Columbia, PA 17512
I can't cash anything made out to "the nin hotline," so if you're sending a check or money order or whatever, please just make it out in my name.
Thanks for your time!
Tuesday, 7/06/04

The return of the Tweaker remix contest

In a few hours, a new remix contest for Tweaker will be open on, specifically at this location.
Contestants will have exclusive access to loops created from the original masters, and will be permitted to use their preferred remixing tools. A free version of the ACID Xpress loop-based music composition tool will be provided by for the contest.

The song being offered for remix is "It's Still Happening" featuring Hamilton Leithauser (from the band The Walkmen). The winning remix will receive Sony ACID PRO 4 software, five Loops for ACID loop libraries, as well as CDs and t-shirts from Tweaker and Waxploitation. Additionally, the winning remix will be added to the forthcoming Tweaker 2 a.m. wakeup call remix CD which will include remixes from Danger Mouse, King Britt and Teargas & Plateglass, amongst others.
Saturday, 7/03/04

Error T-Shirt, Reznor Mention

I'm not sure quite when this came about, but I was looking on Epitaph Records for some other stuff, and noticed that they're selling an Error tshirt for $16, in small through XL. I wasn't going to tell you about it, because I wanted it for myself, but for some reason their shopping cart doesn't seem to work in Mozilla, and besides that I'm late on my hosting bills, so all things considered I might as well share the goods ;)
Actually, while on the topic of Epitaph, Bad Religion thanks Trent Reznor on the sleeve of their newest album, The Empire Strikes First. (Thanks Sean!) Bad Religion guitarist and Epitaph founder Brett Gurewitz works alongside Atticus and Leo Ross in Error.
There are also a couple of interviews and a handful of reviews of Error at the press section of Epitaph. They're damn huge PDFs though, so you best have broadband if you want to take a look.

Lucky Pierre releases new album, "ThinKing"

Fans of Kevin McMahon's Prick will be glad to hear that a new album is being put out by Lucky Pierre. Entitled ThinKing, the album has 11 tracks and features a long list of guests. MP3 samples of Cloud, Automatic, and Saint of Blue are available for download from the site.
Thanks to pincushionpunk and InfiniteStill for the heads up!
Thursday, 7/01/04

Fight Club the Musical

After being turned down to do the score for the Broadway musical, Aida, Trent Reznor has apparently agreed to work with Chuck Palahniuk and David Fincher on Fight Club: The Musical.
Palahniuk has been giving lectures at colleges around the country. Last night he spoke in Eugene, Oregon and responded to a few questions regarding the possibility of a Fight Club musical. One frequent visitor of this site, Jesse, was in the audience, and here's his recap:
Chuck just started laughing, and explained how David Fincher caled him awhile back and said some financers from the movie were interested in making a Broadway musical, and had contacted him. Chuck then went on to say Fincher explained he had already called Trent Reznor to ask him if he would score it, and he said yes.
This was also reported on Ain't It Cool News and has been discussed on the boards at the official Chuck Palahniuk website.

SickAmongthePure :: July Issue

The July issue of SickAmongthePure is live! The issue examines voting, why Reagan was a douche bag, and examines the plight of alternative music. It also features reviews on new releases from Ministry, Skinny Puppy, and Sonic Youth, and more! Check it.