Saturday July 10, 2004

nin.com webcam activity

Last night, around 2am EST, some attentive folks noticed that the nin.com webcam went live again. From the still shots, it was hard to make out what was going on between the studio shots. Generally, people agreed it was Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross at the mixing desk. Someone put together a video of sorts from captures of the webcam, and the "video" makes it a little more clear that someone was drumming on the webcam.

Missed all this? Check out this Echoing the Sound thread for screen caps and discussion on the topic.

Updated ~3pm: On the prior mentioned thread, Whoroscope postulated that it was Dave Grohl smiling into the camera after a drum session. Well, following a post on Perfect Isolation to the official website of The Exies, there is a new Studio Diary entry for 7/9/2004. Here's an excerpt:

7-9-04 Sound City Studios Van Nuys, CA.

Man, I love Fridays at Sound City! Last week, we had a great barbeque with Queens of the Stone Age and this week we come in to see Dave Grohl playing drums for Nine Inch Nails, is that a trip or what?!

Interesting, no?