Monday July 26, 2004

NIN Spotting.

The new album by the Dillinger Escape Plan came out last week to great reviews, and many of the reviews compare them to Nine Inch Nails. (Bear with me here. Especially you, Travis.) While most of the album keeps to their chaotic hardcore (i.e. all screaming, all the time) roots, check out the track "Phone Home," it's pretty wicked. If you dig it, give the album a shot. As a whole, it's a different direction than the usual stuff you find next to NIN albums. If you can, go to a record store that lets you listen before you buy, or can borrow the disc from a friend - don't just take my word for it.

Also of note, Greg Puciato takes vocal duties for this album - you might remember him from Error. Their previous EP had Mike Patton handling vocals, and included a cover of Aphex Twin's "Come to Daddy." The drummer's reportedly a big fan of NIN & Aphex Twin. Given what I've heard and what I've heard of them, I felt compelled to mention them. Moving on...