Saturday July 3, 2004

Error T-Shirt, Reznor Mention

I'm not sure quite when this came about, but I was looking on Epitaph Records for some other stuff, and noticed that they're selling an Error tshirt for $16, in small through XL. I wasn't going to tell you about it, because I wanted it for myself, but for some reason their shopping cart doesn't seem to work in Mozilla, and besides that I'm late on my hosting bills, so all things considered I might as well share the goods ;)

Actually, while on the topic of Epitaph, Bad Religion thanks Trent Reznor on the sleeve of their newest album, The Empire Strikes First. (Thanks Sean!) Bad Religion guitarist and Epitaph founder Brett Gurewitz works alongside Atticus and Leo Ross in Error.

There are also a couple of interviews and a handful of reviews of Error at the press section of Epitaph. They're damn huge PDFs though, so you best have broadband if you want to take a look.