Monday July 26, 2004

Danny Lohner Spotting

Bracturne wrote in to let us know that "Both Danny Lohner and the artist formally known as Twiggy Ramirez appear the the Metallica documentary 'Some Kind Of Monster'. It was footage of both of them trying out to be the new Metallica bassist from 2 years ago."

Fernando summed a few Danny items up nicely in one email. To wit:
- at mtv.com, in the "quick news on..." it talks about how some upcoming Matt Damon Movie [Wicker Park] will have Danny Lohner and Johnette Napolitano redoing Coldplay's song "The Scientist".
- Blabbermouth reported on Danny Lohner's remixing of A Perfect Circle's entire Thirteenth Step album - his remix of The Outsider can be found on the upcoming Resident Evil: Apocalypse soundtrack, along with Danny's remix of Rob Zombie's Girl on Fire The remix album is due this coming November.

An additional thanks to howisya!