Wednesday July 7, 2004

That Great NIN Hotline Fund Drive

It's been a couple of years since I've done this, and I hate doing things, but as things are going right now I kind of have to.

Through thick and thin, we've brought you a site chock full of features and news about Nine Inch Nails and related bands and projects, all without having to sell ads or having to push vendors on you. I've given thought to quitting this whole thing many times in the past year, but so many people make such a case for this site to keep going, no matter what the environment.

Our traffic seems to double every year. I think our latest peak was in May, when we took in over four million hits from 91,862 different viewers. Between The Meathead Perspective, the NIN Historian, the News & Article Archives, Halo Ninetynine, Know the Score, our exclusive giveaways and interviews, I think we manage to bring a lot to the table for a fan run site.

What I'm asking you for now, is if you've got $1 to spare... I need some help with the expense of hosting all this stuff. A lot of crap has come up this year that I hadn't planned for.

Anyway, if everyone who visits this site sends in a dollar, that would be insane. If half of you send in a dollar, I will not do another fund drive for years.

If you want to help us out here, paypal a donation to levithnt@nfdc.net , or send something to my home address:

Matt Dunphy
920 Plane St, Apt 4105
Columbia, PA 17512

I can't cash anything made out to "the nin hotline," so if you're sending a check or money order or whatever, please just make it out in my name.

Thanks for your time!