Monday July 26, 2004

Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead & Moby: Modern-Day Mozarts?

KingJPlay at Echoing the Sound spotted copies of And All That Could Have Been and Amnesiac at his University Bookstore, and upon looking further, found that at The University of Oklahoma offered a freshmen-level cultural investigation course called The Music of Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead & Moby: Modern-day Mozarts?

The blurb offered for the class:
What do these groups have in common? Can we describe their commonalities musically? If so, where did these musical elements come from? Can they be traced or placed in historical context? Can these same elements be found in other contemporary American musical genres such as minimalism, film scores, and orchestral music? Explore how relationships among musical groups, musical styles, and historical musical contexts relate to each other in this seminar that will include listening, writing, and communicating your thoughts with other class members.

Though offered last year and the year before, this course is not available this year.